Why can't I change email address in SEA?
Versally 2019-06-13 00:36
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Hi GMs,

As I know, NA server allows to change the email address for account security but we can't do it here. (

I have played this game in NA server and decided to move to SEA server (for ping). I know you have tried your best to give us a good customer service but I don't feel comfortable like NA server, just because there are so many things we can't do here.

Best Regards.

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Greetings Versally,
We truly understand that you would like to know how you could be able to change your Account's email address. Regarding this matter, we regret to say that changing the email address is not possible for security reasons. We truly hope for your kind understanding
on this matter.
2019-06-13 07:16
Hi @GM_Calpheon,
They allow to change email address for account security but you say that we could not be able to do it here because of security reasons. LoL, I really don't understand how you work and how you treat your customers in SEA, Pearl Abyss. Everytime I send a ticket
(for other problems), I always recieve the same answer: "regret to say". Honestly, it is not what we we want to hear, we want a better service not meaningless words.
2019-06-13 16:21
Greetings @GM_Calpheon,
We truly understand you don't know jackshit. Regarding this matter, we regret to say that your service is garbage. Please retrain yourselves, or hire new, better GMs who actually know how to do the job. We truly hope for your kind understanding on this matter.
2019-06-15 04:50
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If NA black desert can do it we should also be able to do it as well. I would be more than glad to show my ID for this matter. But it just shows that PA isn't giving us that bit of trust to it's SEA users. Heck, I talked to support and they told me to contact my email provider. Bitch, you don't even know how many times I've done that and they wouldn't budge, I literally can't get my Gmail account back. Stop telling us as it was that easy.  Well, not like we can do anything about it unless 50% of the population of SEA users actually complain. Kudos to NA bdo for being able to give us that option to change email. Hope you guys follow them as well. 

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Their can change our email manually, but we cannot do it ourself. My friend account got access by hacker around half a year ago. Then the account got locked. Their ask him to give them a new email and set a new password. The reason why we cannot change
email ourself most likely due to RMT account trading.
2019-07-01 00:36
The post was deleted.
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Edit Date : 2021-01-21

BDO SEA customer is bad, I wanna play my old account but my old email has been hacked and can't be back, but this GM too stick to policies that harm players


but how I missed this game, dare you SEA!!!

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FeedbackTopicWhy can't I change email address in SEA?

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