help on transferring files
SUNLEE 2019-10-05 16:35
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hello. just wanted to ask help from the community. i was given free pass before by a friend to try out BDO. I just recently bought the steam version and i remembered since i have the game already i wanted to transfer the files so i wont have to download the steam files version. copied it and still i need to download the 30gig files on steam. but i already have the remastered game downloaded already. how do i make steam recognize the files i have? thanks in advance

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Edit Date : 2019-10-06

Hi there! I did a quick Google search, and found several threads with helpful responses; these may be found via the links below. I also recommend backing up a copy of your original BDO & Steam files prior to attempting a transfer. Do note that this does not transfer your account progress, and that your Steam account will be a separate Family. Nevertheless, do let me know if it works!

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how about files from steams to pearl abyss ? Someone can help me?


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