Berserker/Giant : more like a nerfed disabled kid
FlyingPotato 2019-12-31 21:11
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I dont get the balls of Pearl Abyss to release class succession that is unfinished and unrefined. You ruined my favourite class Berserker/Giant . Even in our succession there is no IFRAME and no Superarmour. Even one of our succession skills damages us if we use it. Like WTH is wrong with your brains? Can you just do us a favour? delete the class and refund us our pearls you dont listen to the Berserker/Giant playerbase. The only time the class is good is during our Qbuff which lasts only 30 seconds even on 1 v 1 or GVG. Thats the only time we get a Reliable superarmour . even the iframes that you put on the skills are not working. Really Shame on you .


Our pre awake skills have no Iframe's

you put iframe on shakeoff but it does not work.

No reliable super  armour 

You put superarmour/frontal guard only on our heals  (WHICH BY GOD WE CAN STILL BE CC'ed Like knocked downed) WHICH we look like an idiot just standing there for a good 3 to 5 seconds to get killed off.


On our awakening you removed the iframes on shakeoff.

no dependable engage skills , even nerfed the damage of ancientwave.

giant leap as the skill says is IFRAME while USING but BY GOD it is not WORKING. 10/10 when you use it you will die like a idiot ball being bounced around.

the only good thing about this class is the Q buff every 3 mins which gives superarmour  (BUT IN REALITY it is ONLY FRONTAL GUARD) you can still get KD if someone hits you in the back . and thats only good for a measly 30 seconds. i dont know what kind of developer or balancing team you have but you have to fire them for not doing their jobs.


And now we go down to succession:

we have a skill that damages us when we use it . really Pearl Abyss?  do you hate the class so much to give it a double edge skill?

still there is  no working iframe even on succession class.

And you even remove the 20% active attackspeed buff that makes the class viable to play.


with the advent of PearlAbyss thinking of removing Mouse to move, why not delete the class of Berserker cause your just nerfing it till its a vegetable?

also Succcession skills of other classes have SUPER ARMOUR or FRONTAL GUARD . why cant you make it happen on Berserker also?

You told us that Berserker is  :

Berserkers instill fear in their enemies with a battle axe in each hand and various grabs to stop them in their tracks.
His monstrous axes simply eviscerate
enemies, with grabs that ensure the Berserker is a threat to anyone that crosses his path.
The sheer chaos they bring to the battlefield
is a definite boon, but the heart of their power lies in his versatility.
They can shake up enemy bases, protect allies, and much more.

My god remove the verstality of it by not giving it enough Superarmour nor IFRAMES.






A disabled Berserker 


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Writing this gets their attention? Lmao

Also, I've been playing Valk since it has been released, do you see me complaining?


At least Zerks can do 1v1/Siege before succession.

Also, have you even looked at Zerk's Succession?


In this case, I really doubt that.

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@Jarette   i really would have like for you to read it first and play the character before you speak.

Your criticism is inconstructive though. 

Yes it is playable even after being nerfed a lot.

Have you played the class enough to know the mechanics of it?

Im guessing you did not.

You are only basing your feedback on watching videos. Better play the class first before replying back.

By the way if you play a Sorceress and you still end up losing to non iframe classes, its high time to uninstall your  game and dump your account. 


Thank you 

Character Name FlyingPotato
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Thats what everybody was saying about Warrior's Succession.
It sucked. Until it was released in official servers.


Similar things might happen.
Not everything you want you can get.


Have you played Valkyrie?
Now tell me about how crippled that class is when you do.

Character Name Jarette
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Yep, played valk before.

compared with the skill ceiling of zerker it can be played quite good by counter classes.


On skills alone, valk has faster counter and also the dreaded superarmour by lots of classes specially with the q- block (which you can use to counter stiff an enemy ) you dont get that on a zerk.

On zerk what we have as a initiator or stiff  is only shooting mobility (a cd of  7 seconds) range damage that can be cced. It has no super armour protection , compare that with valk which has q block to sharplight to initiate fights.


On awakening alone you have like 3 super armour skills THAT DO WORK as a valk why not capitalize on them?

You have Verdict Lancia Iustitae THAT FLOATS an ENEMY (hence you can combo  them after a stiff or KD) = this skill has super armor can only be countered by grabs

You have Purification w/ forward guard which has -10 dp for the enemy

Hastiludium w/ superarmor (a awakening dash )  i dont know if it has still kd before it did have kd 

And an op gap closer Sanctitas de Enslar , super armor while using skill and INVINCIBLE while AIRBORNE.  - this one is equivalent to our giant leap but BY GOD every zerker knows that giant leap is SHIT and buggy. it  does not work and its not invulnerable  while airborne and you can get CCed while using it .

And we all know that the awakening skills of valk has Knockdown on it and stiffs. we dont get that on zerks. 

Zerks in pvp only have grabs.

We try to initiate with shooting mobility make sure that the enemy fcks up before following up with lava pierce (our only superarmour skill/dash to go near an enemy)

All of our damaging skills are UNPROTECTED and has no SUPERARMOUR on them.


Before you speak try to play other classes too. im not speaking that zerk is trash because i have not played other  classes.


IT's precisely because i played other classes that i can safely say compared to zerk, zerker is basically TRASH. Zerkers has no protected damaging skill at all.

We rely on making the enemy dizzy not on counter attacks or quickslot skills like other classes and its very hard to trade hits as a zerk.




Im still hoping they  fixed zerker too,

see the zerker  succession , we even have a skill that kills us when we use it (FD)

when it was released in KR , ITS JUST DOWNRIGHT FLASHY but no protected damaging skill at all (only lava pierce)

the rest leaves you very vulnerable and its DOWNRIGHT nerfed when it was release in KR the succession for zerk.


Try to play other classes before you say that im saying Zerk is crippled cause i have not played other classes before . 

To date the classes i have not played in pvp is a shai.

and as you can see on my main pic im trying to play as a shai now cause i want to improve and see if i can still play as a zerker along with the succession of it being released and nerfed at the same time.


Thank you for your  criticism.


Play the other classes and youll see that your Valkyrie is not crippled as it seems. Just practice pvp and youll get good

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FeedbackTopicBerserker/Giant : more like a nerfed disabled kid

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