BDO 64bits client not working ??
Eiokh 2017-11-03 09:15
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Edit Date : 2017-11-03

I just wondering is the 64bits Client working ?  When i press the "Start Game" , the launcher just closed and nothing else happen.  So i went to the "Setting" icon on the top right of the launcher and set it to 32bits , Click the "Start Game" , the launcher will close and the XC3 Gameguard logo will popup for the a few secs then the game client will start. When i change the setting back to 64bits , the luancher just closed , no XC3 popup or client start.

When we install the game , the install launcher will install both 32bits and 64bits of the client , correct ? or is it due to the 64bits of XC3 gameguard ? 

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mine work im using 64bit client
2017-11-03 09:19
hmm ... guess i will try to re-install again
2017-11-03 09:58
FeedbackTopicBDO 64bits client not working ??

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