Patcher Error : Cannot connect to the patch server
Leopoldine 2020-10-13 23:53
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Edit Date : 2020-10-13

(Steam) So i just installed black desert again after i was uninstalled the game few months ago. The download process from steam is very fine, no problem or error etc. But when i finished the download then tried to start the launcher (clicking play button from steam), the launcher won't run. Instead, i got a prompt titled "Patcher Error". The prompt says "Cannot connect to the patch server. Please restart the internet modem/router and try again."

I have tried these several things but still not working:

- Restarting my router many times

- Running the launcher as administrator

- Turned off antivirus and firewall

- Set the NAT type to open

- Reinstalled the game

- Restarting my PC


Any help will be much appreciated

I'll give some in-game gift for those who can fix it as a gratitude

Thank you

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Edit Date : 2021-08-17

Did you fix it already?? and if yes, what did you do??? I'm having the same problem here

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