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Chardhue 2021-02-04 08:32
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Edit Date : 2021-02-04

hai i got a problem here pls enlight me
im taking 100 piece of black gem from CM this morning into my inevent but it say "cannot use market at the moment" so i close market windows and wanted to take it again but its gone so i check my invent and storage but not there either
basically i lose 100 black gem today. actually (i forgot) 2 weeks ago i got the same problem with (may be) 3 fireflake flower but its cheap and i buy again right away so i brush it off.
it happen twice ady, may be more becouse i didnt notice it
can i complaint about it? and where? becouse im afraid taking expensive item now


my transaction

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Edit Date : 2021-02-13

Hello, was this problem already solved?

If you are still experiencing this type of problem you can send a ticket for support. Ive also had some problems regarding lost items and the black desert support team helped me a lot.


Can access support when u press 'esc' > 'f11' >'6' this will lead you to the support center where u can ask help for various problems :D

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