Malaysia cant play this game anymore
Monnis 2021-03-31 16:43
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Edit Date : 2021-03-31

Not Sure you guy ahve same problem anot,

i from malaysia using UNIFI 500MB but i cannot login the game, / keep fail connection / very alg inside the game.




Character Name Monnis
Main Character Nova
Lv 62
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Edit Date : 2021-04-26


Bosku, same as me from malaysia too. I also used unifi the game only lag for me when after new patch and when crowded server when nodewar  for rest of the time it should be fine.

Character Name Gelesta
Main Character Guardian
Lv 62
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Edit Date : 2021-05-05

Have you tried running any VPNs? like exitlag/mudfish

Character Name Qwert
Main Character Musa
Lv 62
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