steam alway download turkey launcher version
Mut3 2021-06-24 10:58
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Edit Date : 2021-06-24

hello gm,


can you help me, why every i download bdo on steam i always download turkey version?


i use this tutorial every i install bdo on steam


but when new launcher coming, i cant use that tutorial

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Edit Date : 2021-06-24

same as me.. GM already reply but after redownload still the same!!!!

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Same as me. fk that "Easier to manage client server" bullshit they make when they update new bdo steam thingy

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Edit Date : 2021-06-25

This happened to me and my friend last year but we managed to fix it by double the download from Steam and also from the launcher. This work for a while until some idiots in the department decided to change the stupid app ID for the sake of unifying the community from all regions under one roof which forces the affected players to repeat the same agonizing procedures (Pfft.. So much for that)  They always think of themselves without considering the implications and damage they done to the players when they pulled this kind of stunt.  They knew about this problems as it's already brought up multiple times in countless tickets but they just simply decide to ignore it. See how selfish they can be when money as usual always comes first rather than the communities itself. Just another bunch of hypocrites.

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