Is this allowed in game? Wishing someone to die
Seishuin 2021-06-30 23:24
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Edit Date : 2021-06-30


Are SEA that low?

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Edit Date : 2021-07-03

If this was on NA servers then that would have been a insta 24 hour ban first offence, second offence 72 hour ban and 3rd offence 30 day ban and if you do a 4th offence perma ban.

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Edit Date : 2021-07-11

Yes SEA is that low, no offense people, but that is the fact...the only reason i play in SEA is ping... 


i think i have more people in my block list than 2 biggest guilds in SEA combined lol, i block them just by reading general, server or world chat when they start being toxic, even not to me...or when they have genitals as their name, i ask them to whisper me so i can block lol. i'd rather have no business with such players.

each time i change to server / world chat window, my block list can increase about 3-5 ppl.

just make a separate window for general, server and world chat, and immediately block people you find toxic.

i wish sea could be more strict, probably language is the problem, gm's dont understand what's dirty and offensive in certain language..

Character Name MildFox
Main Character Tamer
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Edit Date : 2021-09-04

Well you will always encounter that on any games on SEA full of toxic players and what not, but nothing can be done sadly either just block them or hide the chat and so on.

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FeedbackTopicIs this allowed in game? Wishing someone to die

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