Pyeong 2017-11-06 00:01
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Im still undecided whether I should buy the game since I saw that the costumes cost a lot in this game and it cost 30 dollars for one so I really wish that they will change it to suit the income of sea players or even have a regional pricing like in steam. One more concern is that will this server ever be release in steam? Since steam have regional pricing I wish they will 

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Will not happen, pricing differential will siphon players from other regions, disadvantaging other publishers.
2017-11-06 00:06
Where u guys check the price for the costumes?
2017-11-06 00:19
So u mean they will keep the 35 dollar for a costume thing here in the sea? Well thats more than enough reason not to play the game since that cost alot u can even buy branded shoes and clothes.
2017-11-06 00:19
No final pricing for sea I based it on the pricing from NA KR and Jp server considering that the pre orders cost a lot they will unlikely change the pricing
2017-11-06 00:21
You can buy cash items like costumes and pets in game market sold by other players, though you have to bid for them but costumes are pretty easy to be won, only pets and value packs are harder.
2017-11-06 05:02
No probleman buying value pack since the price is pretty reasonable for me but the price of costumes and pets are a problem especially the pets since u have to buy 2 to breed and play the RNG GAME
2017-11-06 12:56

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