Its Pay to Play!
Squidee 2017-10-31 22:28
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See you guys!

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Pay2Play, but for free expansion forever instead of a monthly sub__scription is good enough.
2017-10-31 22:34
buy to play is enough :D
2017-10-31 22:38
Value Packs = month sub__scription. They just don't call it a sub__scription - but once a player gets one - they don't go back to not having one. Why do you think they include a free one w/ purchase?
2017-10-31 22:43
What RandomGuy said is true. Been playing in the NA server and not having the value pack takes out a lot from my usual game play. From the auction house tax cut and storage space...the list goes on.
2017-11-02 10:31
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