What class is everyone going to play?
Casilyn 2017-10-31 23:28
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I really like the look of Ranger!

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There still have more classes..not only 4..:D.. im pretty sure going to reroll striker or ninja...:D
2017-10-31 23:33
Well for me, I definitely gonna see all classes in CBT before I decide what class will I pick in Open Beta. For CBT, I will pick Warrior.
2017-10-31 23:33
2017-10-31 23:39
If you want to 1hit enemies in pvp using 1 skill, level up a Witch or Wizard.
Striker got Nerfted in NA/EU.
2017-11-01 01:13
Sorc dominates all patches. Pre-awakened and post awakened. The invi-spam is just too OP
2017-11-01 02:04
I'll be playing a DK. Only nerf she got was 1 iframe skill (it's a period of time when char is immune to damage) but other than that, they buffed her movement skill and is now hard as hell to chase.
2017-11-01 06:08
idk, but there only 4 classes show of on website: Warrior, ranger, sorceress and berserker
2017-11-01 08:45
i want play class frogan.
2017-11-01 09:42
Like other versions, we will be having the following classes at launch
Warrior, Berserker, Tamer, Wizard, Witch, Ranger, Valkyrie
for Blader, Plum Striker, Mystic and DK sometime soon.
2017-11-01 10:20
I'll play Mys tic.
2017-11-01 11:18
I'm planning to main Sorc this time. Tried Kunoichi before and loved it.
2017-11-01 11:43
gonna try zerk
2017-11-01 14:38
Wiz :D
2017-11-01 16:04
I will definitely be playing as a Wizard. Just customize the character to look younger if you don't like the old man default look.
2017-11-02 10:23
The post was deleted.
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