Experience Black Desert through its music

I. Balenos

The soundtracks in this mini-album have Balenos as their theme. Adventurers
take their first step in Black Desert on the continent of Balenos. The soundtracks
presented in this mini-album were carefully selected out of the remastered soundtracks.

II. Serendia

Serendia is a land that is overshadowed by Calpheon and their wealth.
The soundtracks in this region portrays
rebellion and their poverty due to ruthless barbaric tribes.

III. Calpheon

Calpheon started wars to gain power and fortune.
They possess the light and darkness of the black stone which will lead them to victory.
The soundtracks in this region express those characteristics.

  • These soundtracks cannot be used for commercial purposes. You will be prosecuted by law if you use the soundtracks without permission.
  • The soundtracks can be streamed on SoundCloud. We recommend you use IE10 or later versions of internet browsers.

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