Lahn has mastered her weapon, the Crescent Pendulum,
that has a blade at the end of a long rope.
She can throw it far or swings it in a large arc using quick and elegant movements.
This allows her to wield terrifying and destructive powers,
use multiple attacks that hits enemies in a large area, and diverse combos.

Attack Type
General Weapon
[Main Weapon] Crescent Pendulum
[Sub Weapon] Noble Sword

Spring Breeze

Lahn charges forward to attack enemies ahead.
This can be coupled with other skills to
deal tons of damage or apply debuffs.


This is Lahn’s signature move that is used
to deal huge damage in a large area. It takes enemies off their feet
by swinging the Crescent Pendulum in a large arc.

Nimbus Stride

Lahn jumps up and strides across the sky with
her quick and nimble movements.
She can turn while moving through the air.

Pendulum Kick

Kicks the blade of the Crescent Pendulum
to strike at enemies. Enemies hit by this skill
get knocked down on the spot.


Creates a wave by flinging the Crescent Pendulum
as she spins her body around.
Enemies hit by the wave are immediately knocked down and
can be comboed to pull enemies towards or push them away from her.

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