• Furor

    Swings the Crimson Glaives to deal big damage with multiple fast hits.
  • Deadly Dance

    Twirls her body around to attack enemies in the area.
    Enemies that are hit get knocked up and take bleed damage.
  • Tailspin

    Uses the power of the Crimson Glaives to deliver numerous strikes.
    The first hit knocks enemies down and the rest of the combo deals damage.
  • Soul Raid

    Throws the enemy down using the chains on the Crimson Glaives.
  • Bloody Stride

    Stays close to the ground while charging forward quickly.
Attack Type
Standard Weapons
[Main Weapon] Crescent Pendulum
[Sub Weapon] Noble Sword
Awakening Weapon
Crimson Glaives
It is a divine weapon of the west that curses its wielder.
Lahn was tricked into taking it by a traitor.
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