Notices [Notice] Notice - Measures to Resolve Pet Exchange Issue 11/1 (Thu)
Black Desert 2018-11-01 10:15

Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Pet Exchange Renewal was added with the 10/31 (Wed) update. However, there was an issue with this update that caused pets used in the exchange to remain depending on several factors.


We were able to confirm that Adventurers were able to keep pets that were supposed to be consumed in the pet exchange occasionally depending on their network connection. This issue was identified quickly and fixed on 10/31 (Wed) at 16:00.


Please note, the following steps were taken to resolve the issue of Adventurers that were able to keep their pets.


[Current Situation]

■ Targets: Adventurers that were able to keep their pets after exchanging pets on 10/31/2018 (Wed) after maintenance

        (We’ve confirmed approximately 20 families)

■ Measures: Reset all pet related data to before maintenance on 10/31/2018 (Wed)


[Future Measures]

■ Expected Schedule: 10/31/2018 (Wed) after scheduled maintenance - 11/01/2018 (Thu) before temporary maintenance

■ Details:

1. Refund Pearls spent to buy pets from the Pearl Shop, excluding the following:

  • Pets that were sold in the Marketplace.

  • Pets that are kept in the inventory.

  • Pets that were gifted to other Adventurers.

2. Refund silver spent to purchase pets from the Marketplace

3. Give pets that were sent as a gift and were used in a pet exchange


※ These measures will be taken in succession and compensation will be sent via in-game mail.


We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience, we would like to send gifts to all Adventurers in Black Desert as an apology.


[Gifts for Pet Exchange Issue]

■ Eligibility: All families in Black Desert

■ Gift: Kanpacho's Chewable Tablet x10

■ How to obtain: Sent through in-game mail after temporary maintenance on 11/01/2018 (Thu)


However, please do note that Adventurers can be restricted from the game if they are deemed to have abused a system error. If you ever find a system error or bug, please send us a ticket through Customer Service. Help us create a fair gaming environment in Black Desert. We will continue to work hard to provide great game service in the future for Black Desert.


Thank you.