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Black Desert 2019-06-05 10:00
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Greetings Adventurers,

The June 5th (Wed) update has opened access to the previously inaccessible region that is northwest of Calpheon territory.


Star’s End was created 8 years ago when a massive black meteorite crashed into the region.
People called the black meteorite - Blackstar - and it spread a plague in the region that causes the body and mind to decay into ash.
Calpheon quickly sealed off this area once this was understood.
And since the land became abandoned, it was forgotten from many people’s memories.


As you go adventuring into this region, uncover what happened to the Blackstar and Star’s End in the past 8 years.    

But first, take a look at Star’s End.





◈ New Hunting Ground - Star’s End


“The monsters that exist in Star’s End are blood-red creatures born from the Blackstar, and they are largely grouped between Apostles and Harbingers.

Harbingers are known to be able to interpret the sounds of the Black Star. They use their blood to etch these interpretations into a language only they can understand in a place where no one can find.   
Apostles are guardians of the Blackstar that block the approach of anyone who tries to extract the star’s power.”


The Star’s End hunting ground is densely populated by monsters, and you must be careful as every single one of them are extremely powerful.    

The grounds of Star’s End are scattered with Unstable Star Debris. If they are destroyed, it will reverse the flow of magic to the nearby monsters making them lose consciousness and fall down; letting you easily defeat them.    

Be cautious as you are defeating the monsters, for when the Apostle of Immorality is defeated, there is a chance that it will absorb the dark energy of Star’s End and transform into a more powerful monster.

You can acquire the new main weapon - Blackstar’s enhancement material and new crystal’s crafting material as loot from the Star’s End hunting ground.


◈ New Main Weapon - Blackstar

In order to craft the Blackstar weapons, you must complete a quest by obtaining the Remnants of the Rift from Dark Rifts and golden treasure chests that may appear in fields.  

However, the Blackstar weapons can only be crafted by Dorin Morgrim, one of the 3 legendary blacksmiths. Adventurers that have not completed ‘The Three Blacksmiths’ questline, which can be started after completing the Mediah main quest, will not be able to craft these weapons.  

Before you craft a Blackstar weapon, Adventurers should be aware of the following valuable information.   

1. Due to how powerful these weapons are, you need 3x Concentrated Boss’s Aura that are obtained from heating the world boss weapons.
2. The Blackstar main weapons can only be crafted once per character,
so please keep that in mind as you are crafting.

3. Blackstar’s energy is so powerful that it rejects the energy of others, and it cannot be enhanced with Caphras Stones.  

4. Pure Magical Black Stone is used for the Blackstar weapon enhancement attempts, and it can be obtained by heating together Mass of Pure Magic (can be obtained through various ways), Hard Black Crystal Shard, and Sharp Black Crystal Shard.

Mass of Pure Magic can be obtained through various gameplay, such as loot from the monsters of Star’s End, gathering, reward for defeating field bosses, hunting Khalks/Whales and more.    


◈ New Crystal - Corrupted Magic Crystal

Corrupted Magic Crystals can be fused into sub-weapons, and if you fuse 2 of them, you will gain an additional effect.

Acquire the
Clear Blackstar Crystals from the Star’s End hunting ground needed to craft Corrupted Magic Crystals. Adventurers that desire these crystals should quickly leave to go adventuring to Star’s End!  


In order to proceed with the main quest of Star’s end, you must complete all of Drieghan’s main quest, and then accept the ‘Drawn by Fate’ quest.


Next time, we will be back with more enjoyable and delightful news.

Thank you.

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Where can I find " Dorin Morgrim" ???
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Nevermind, found him in helm's cave.
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