GM Notes [GM Note] 06/16 Conquest War Report
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Greetings, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

Below you can find the details regarding last week’s Conquest War.



Conquest War June 16, 2018


Victorious Guild

Participating Guilds







Ares (Occupying Guild)






IECA (Occupying Guild)







Exile (Occupying Guild)








Exalted (Occupying Guild)











* Please note that the accumulated tax information presented here is for occupied Conquest War territories in the first week. If the length of occupation is extended or depending on the transfer of tax wagons, the tax from each territory may differ.



KillOnSight kicked off by sending their forces to Ares’ fort and successfully destroyed it.

KillOnSight forces then went to check on Conquistador’s fort.

However, they couldn’t do much as BlackOrder came to KillOnSight’s fort.

KillOnSight showed their strength as they defended themselves. BlackOrder decided to retreat for now, but this was not the end.

BlackOrder regrouped their forces to attack KillOnSight's fort at full force. The fort crumbled and KillOnSight was eliminated.


BlackOrder continued to exercise their dominance and directed their troops to attack the Nephilim next. Nevertheless, Nephilim was able to force BlackOrder to withdraw.


BlackOrder then decided to send other members to attack Conquistador's fort. Conquistador was able to set up their defense and stopped this oncoming attack.

BlackOrder then sent more of their members to break Conquistador's defense while they continued to attack Nephilim's fort. Nephilim came out to seek revenge upon and sent a few members of their members to attack BlackOrder’s fort.

All the guilds stayed alive, and BlackOrder wiped out the Nephilim's forces in their territory. BlackOrder then changed plans and went to finish off Conquistador's fort. Nephilim also attacked Conquistador at this time. The fort was taken down by the two guilds.


The battle turned bloody as Nephilim continued to stand up against the intimidating BlackOrder. Nephilim’s strength slowly dwindled as BlackOrder relentlessly attacked them.

In the end, BlackOrder conquered Balenos.



IECA won the war by default as no other guilds were present in Calpheon.



Fighting in Serendia began with Exile eliminating Toxic from the war. Wrath took this chance to attack Exile's fort, but Exile returned in time to fight off the intruders.

Seraphim attacked TriggeredMisfits during this time. It was a tough battle as the two guilds were evenly matched. Seraphim eventually got the upper hand and destroyed TriggeredMisfits’ fort.


Exile headed for Empire's fort as they saw that Empire didn’t have anyone defending it at this time. Wrath also came but attacked Exile’s forces. Seraphim then took this opportunity to attack Wrath's fort.


Wrath fell back to defend their fort and left Exile to continue their assault on Empire's fort. Empire lost their fort and Exile turned to Wrath next. They were able to eliminate Wrath as well.


Exile clashed against RenegadesX on the battlefield and exchanged blows. As this battle went on, Seraphim headed for Exile's fort and attacked their defenseless fort.

Exile then retreated to defend their fort while RenegadesX headed for Seraphim's fort. Seraphim was able to demolish Exile's fort and took them out of contention. At the same time, RenegadesX was nearly done destroying Seraphim's fort.

Seraphim ran back to their fort, but RenegadesX finished it off and took control of Serendia.



Henosis started things off in Mediah by attacking NieR’s defenseless command post.


To the north, Avalon's command post was bombarded by ROBBED. It was unguarded as well and no defensive structures were seen. Meanwhile, Avalon forces attacked Altair's command post which  didn’t have anyone defending it. ROBBED left Avalon's command post with a little bit of HP.


Chaos went to attack Noodle's command post.Noodle had set up barricades and towers, but none of their members were there. Chaos had to destroy a section of the barricade to reach the towers and for them to start attacking the command post directly.


After a few minutes, Henosis destroyed NieR's command post and headed towards MaximuM.

Following the assault on Avalon, ROBBED had turned to Exalted's command post. The command post was inside the castle, but all the gates were left open and Exalted’s forces were not there. It had no defensive structures as well. ROBBED attacked in full force and tore it down in no time.



Henosis was able to destroy MaximuM's command post easily as this too, was left unguarded.


ROBBED then attacked Henosis’ command post but left it with a small amount of HP. Just like Avalon’s command post.


ROBBED then attacked Chaos' command post when Chaos was busy attacking Noodle's command post. ROBBED destroyed the command post before Chaos could finish off Noodle. Then ROBBED headed for Noodle and finished them off quickly.



Avalon was able to destroy Altair's command post after a long fight.


ROBBED returned to finally destroy Avalon's and Henosis’ command post.


Henosis was attacking Acnologia's command post during their final moments. Henosis brought it down in a matter of minutes and lost their command post to ROBBED.

ROBBED took the win in Mediah.


Thank you

Black Desert Team

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We will be happy if you guys just ask each guild leaders of participating guild for alliances so you guys can actually make a real summary. It's actually sad to see these kind of summary...
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"Hi GM my name is Ashen"
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about the serendia, exile almost wipe out but then got carried by their alliances
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