GM Notes [GM Note] Rabam’s Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement
Black Desert 2018-07-05 10:00
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Hello Adventurers!

We are introducing the new system Rabam’s Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement. This system will help your characters get stronger!


Let’s check out the new skill enhancement system.



Rabam’s Enlightenment - Skill Enhancement

Combine skills to make an even more powerful one!


Skill Enhancement is a system that combines 2 different main weapon skills together. After reaching level 56, you can make a new skill by combining a main skill and a sub skill with an effect.

e.g. Warrior has the main skill Ground Smash which can be combined with the sub skill Ground Roar. They combine to make a new skill called . This new skill pulls the enemies in and deals massive damage.


Each class has a main skill that can be combined with 2 sub skills.

So, you can get 2 different skills with distinct effects depending on the sub skill that the main skill is combined with.




Check out the enhanced skills of different classes



What do you think about the Skill Enhancement system?

We hope you’re all excited and itching to try it out for yourself.


Thank you.



Comments 9
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The post was deleted.
Uggghh!! need more skill points... grind; too lazy...
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hey not much difference for rangers not fair!
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LMAO Witch only that? hmmm not interested
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THANKS A LOT! been waiting for this! <3
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Absolutely stoked for this! More SP grinding though lol
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Mystic's skill on video did not change. lul
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Buff the sorcs please, unless u want everyone to play mystics and strokers
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