GM Notes [GM Note] Never-ending battles in Arsha Server
Black Desert 2018-07-19 10:00
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Greetings Adventurers!


PvP contents in Black Desert are one of the most enjoyed ones by our Adventurers. They include Node and Conquest Wars, in which guilds fight each other according to established set of rules as well as Guild Wars, duels or Forced PvP in which users can challenge themselves more freely.


What kind of battles do you enjoy?


Today we want to introduce you to a new Server which exists only for PvP battles, with no rules or restrictions. We invite you to Arsha Server!


No rules, no restrictions.


The main characteristic of Arsha Server is that there is no Karma penalty.


Excluding Safe Zones, you can engage in PvP in any location, and you won’t receive Karma penalty even if you kill another Adventurer in forced PvP mode (even in battle zones you still have to activate Forced PvP mode to be able to attack another Adventurer).


However, there is few things you have to keep in mind. If you die while your Karma is below 0, same as in regular servers, some penalties will be applied. Also, if you kill another Adventurer through forced PvP in desert region, your Karma will not go down but you will be marked as a ‘Villain’ and sent to prison if you get killed by another Adventurer or NPC.



Karma Penalty

Penalty when Killed

Desert PK

More than 0




Less than 0



(destruction of crystals, enhancement level decrease)



Why should you use Arsha Server


To some of the Adventurers Arsha Server, that allows PvP with no Karma penalties, might seem like not the best place for monster hunting. Certainly, the possibility of being attacked around hunting areas by other Adventurers is way higher than in other servers. However, there is one more thing to Arsha Server – item drop rate is 50% higher than in other ones.


50% higher drop rate might appeal to a lot of Adventurers, which surely can make most popular hunting zones quite crowded, so make sure to watch your back and be extra careful when you are there.


Another feature characteristic to Arsha server is that Field and World bosses do not spawn there. Instead of that, as opposed to other servers in which PvP is restricted during spawn of World Bosses, PvP is never limited or disabled in Arsha Server. In other words, battle never stops in Arsha.




PvP exclusive server is finally here! See for yourself in you can survive in the world of increased drop rate and unlimited PvP!


We hope to see many of our Adventurers enjoying Arsha Server!


Thank you

Comments 5
it's going to be a bloodbath
2018-07-19 12:05 0
50% increase item drop while hunting, did you mean "Hunting" as in hunt whales or khalk etc? Or is it just hunt monsters like grinding mobs Nagas, Fogans etc?
2018-07-19 12:15 0
this is not a PK server after all as you still have to flag before you can kill players. A Real PK server shouldn't require players to flag but it should be enabled as default
2018-07-19 17:02 0
it should apply on all levels and not only lvl 50 and above
2018-07-19 17:48 0

2018-07-20 20:24 0