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Black Desert 2017-11-22 14:00
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Black Desert GM prepared special events for the CBT period.

We’ve prepared several different events you can enjoy during the CBT. Enjoy!


Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Hide and Seek with GM



Wheelbarrow Race




Horse Taming Event




Fireworks & Sky Lantern Event



Event 1. Hide-and-seek Event

The rules are simple. Find the GM hiding in the Black Desert world.

When the event starts, the GM will start giving hints through in-game notice.

The first person to find the GM and makes a trade with the GM will receive Valencian Cat and Organic Feeds.

Event Reward

1st Prize : White Valencian Cat and 30 Organic feeds


Event 2. Cart Racer Event

Drive your cart to the finish line!

The race will be held in the Heidel. You’ll have more chances of winning if you know the routes!

You’ll be disqualified from the event if you go off-track, so study the routes before you join the event. 

The top 5 winners of this event will receive White Valencian Cat and 20 Blackstone (Armor) as a reward. You’ll also get Organic feeds if you come in first!

Event Reward

1st Place : White Valencian Cat, 20 Blackstone (Armor), 30 Organic feeds

2~5 Place : White Valencian Cat, 20 Blackstone (Armor)

▲ Cart racing route

Entrance of Heidel-> General Goods Vendor Lara -> Shabby shack -> back gate of Heidel

▲ Start here! Don’t’ cross the line before the race starts!


EVENT 3. Wild Horse Taming Event

A horse is essential to your adventures through the vast Black Desert world!

This event will be your chance to get a horse.

A great number of horses will be summoned during this event.

Please prepare a capturing rope and lump of raw sugar to catch wild horses.


EVENT 4. Supplies for the Node war

We will send the materials to build a Fort for the Node War to all the members of the guild on the last day of the CBT. You can join the Node war after your clan changes to a guild.

You can send workers to start building a Fort starting on November 26 (Sunday), from 01:00 am to 07:00 pm. It takes about 30 minutes to build a Guild Fort.

Please remember that when you leave a guild, you can’t join another guild for 24 hours..

- Eligible Users: All the guild members of a guild created during the CBT (Will be sent on November 26, 03:00)


EVENT 5. Node War!

You can enjoy the node war during the CBT period. Let’s see which guilds win the nodes!

Please check out the link for details.


[Go to An easy guide to node wars]


EVENT 6. Fireworks & Sky lantern Event

On the last day of the CBT, the fireworks and sky lanterns will be sold at 1 loyalty.

Enjoy the beautiful fireworks and the sky lanterns with the GM!


The Black Desert Operation Team looks forward to meeting all of our adventures.

Please don’t forget to read the in-game notices for details.

See you in Black Desert!



You will receive the event rewards the day after the event.

You can win each event only once.

The rewards (pets) that you received at the CBT event will be provided through the Web Storage after the launching. If you withdraw your membership from the Black Desert website, it will not be provided.

The content and period of the event may be subject to change depending on the company's situation.

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