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Hello, Adventurers!


You can earn a lot of silver by using two or more professions rather than one.

Today we will cover how you can make more by combing processing with trading.



◈ How to prepare for processing and trading


There is a lot to prepare if you want to make a profit.

Now with processing and trading, it will require even more preparation.


Let’s start by preparing for trading.

There are two suggested routes for trading: Trent to Valencia and Port Epheria to Valencia.

These two routes give a large Distance Bonus because the cities are far apart, and you can get the ‘Token of Desert Trading’ buff while passing through the desert.


There are pros and cons for starting in either city.

Trent is harder to transport trade items out of, but Trent gets a larger Distance Bonus.

On the other hand, you can use cargo ships in Port Epheria and send items to Ancado Inner Harbor, located north of Valencia. However, these items get a smaller Distance Bonus.


Lodgings, workbenches, shipping, and other factors should be considered before picking a route.
















▲ Distance Bonuses (%) between Valencia and other cities.


The ‘Token of Desert Trading’ buff is a big factor in trading. This buff increases the price of a trade item by 100%.

* Only 50% of Token of Desert Trading effect is applied for trade items not being sold by Trader.


You will need to complete a series of quests to get this buff.

Your trade skill must be at least Artisan level in order to get the quest. The quest starts with Ashim, the general goods vendor in Ibellab Oasis. After you complete the series of quests, you need to be Trade Artisan Lv. 2 or higher to get the buff which you can receive in ‘Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing’.

* Make sure to have ‘Life’ selected in your preferred quest types.


▲ Warning! You can get lost or suffer from desert illness.


▲  You will need to spend 100 energy to get the buff.


Now let’s begin processing.

Gather the materials by sending workers to nodes, or buying them off the Marketplace. Then you can process the materials and move the products to your storage.

Afterwards, pack the products by opening the World Map and clicking on your workbench. This opens the Manage Crafting window where you can order your workers .

An Adventurer cannot package processed products. It must be packed by a worker at a workbench in the same town as your storage.



▲    You need Black Stone Powder to package products.


The first step of processing is gathering materials. It is easy to buy them off the Marketplace, but you can save on expenses by sending workers to nodes.


Having a lot of Contribution Points is definitely helpful since you can have more nodes to gather materials from. Workers are necessary to work these nodes and a good worker with good skills and a high grade is more efficient at gathering. So you should invest in hiring good workers!


▲ Try looking for good workers through a Work Administrator whenever you can.


The next step is to process the materials. However, you cannot start processing if you don’t have enough space in your inventory or if you are over the weight limit. Leave everything else in your storage to open up slots and keep the materials below your weight limit.


If you don’t want to worry about all of that, try getting the ‘Karki Suit’ (for males) or the ‘Venecil Dress’ (for females) sold in the Pearl Shop. They allow you to use materials in your storage and slightly increase your processing success rate.



▲ Makes you wonder, how does wearing a suit or dress help you process items?


You can also try the ‘Silver Embroidered Craftsman’s Clothes’, which is made in a Costume Mill.

This helps by increasing your success rate and EXP gained.


If you want some helpful items for trading, you can buy them from the Luxury Vendors. They sell the Apprentice, Skilled, and Professional Trader’s Clothes. The clothes are helpful when bargaining with traders, which can save you energy.


▲ The increase to EXP gained and chance of success improves with higher enhancement levels.


▲The Apprentice Trader’s Clothes give +1, Skilled +2, Professional +3 additional attempts when bargaining.


Another factor is your own processing level. You have a better chance of making more items with a higher processing level. This means that even with the same amount of materials, an Adventurer with a higher processing level can make more products, which leads to more crates. So the higher your processing level is the better!



◈ Tips on selling trade items


Preparation takes a lot of time and effort, but once you are done, let’s start selling!



1. If the market price drops, sell them to someone else!

  • It is better to sell your items to multiple traders since the market price drops if you sell a large amount to a single trader.

 ▲ Valencia has two traders by the western and northern gate.


2. Switch servers to look for better prices!

  • Each server has different market prices. If the price is too low on your current server, try switching to another server!


3. You don’t have to go through the desert to get to Valencia.

  • The mountain roads between Shakatu and Valencia avoids the desert entirely. However, you must go through the desert to get to Pilgrim’s Sanctum: Sharing.


Adventurers that are unfamiliar with the desert can travel from Shakutu to Valencia then go find Pilgrim's Sanctum: Sharing.


▲ Since this route doesn’t go through the desert you can use the navigation system.


4. Being at a higher trading level gives larger Bargain Bonus.

The basic bargain bonus is 5% and increases by 0.5% per trading level.

Beginner 1 = 5.5%

Apprentice 1 = 10.5%

Skilled 1 = 15.5%

Professional 1 = 20.5%

Artisan 1 = 25.5%



Processing and trading takes a lot of time and effort. However, many Adventurers prefer using this method to earn silver because once you start, it is easy to keep going.

Start building your fortune by trading your products across the world!

Thank you.

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Finally the people that keep asking for desert buff can shut up..
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Buff from Pilgrim's sanctum:sharing NOT working. Even with all the quests done and I believe you don't need to connect the node to get this trade buff from the npc (Samaya). Anyone got it to work?
2018-07-26 13:08 0
My guildmate told me that you need to wait till your initial buff (+50%) to wear off first. The you can get that desert trade buff (100%) from Samaya in Pilgrim's sanctum:Sharing.
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The post was deleted. could just skip all those hassle and sell your processed materials to market directly. The price difference isn't that big for all time and effort you've spent.
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