GM Notes [GM Note] Let’s build an Epheria Sailboat
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Hello, Adventurers!


Adventurers are looking for ways to travel across the ocean as it opens up a new horizon.

In their search, the Epheria Sailboat has been catching a lot of Adventurers’ attention.

So, today we will cover everything you need to know, from its characteristics to how to build your own!


■ When exploring the great ocean, get on a big boat!

The ocean is extremely big, and in it there are sea monsters, phantom ships, pirates, and other dangers.

When faced with such threats, you will need cannons to defend yourself. If not, all you can do is watch helplessly as your ship is attacked.

Therefore, it is much safer to cross the ocean on a galley or an Epheria Sailboat than a fishing boat or a rowboat.



▲ Dangers of the ocean

Let’s take a look at some notable features of the galley and Epheria Sailboat.

The galley is a long ship with many gunports that can be owned by guilds.

The Epheria Sailboat can be owned by individual Adventurers, however, it has less gunports but more cargo space compared to the galley. So you could say that the Epheria Sailboat is a better fit for trade and other life activities.

▲ You can sail faster by using skills that are not available on a fishing boat.

■ How do you build an Epheria Sailboat?


It is a good idea to build an Epheria Sailboat to get started your ocean exploration.

The Epheria Sailboats can only be built in Port Epheria as you might have guessed from its name.

▲ You will need to upgrade Port Epheria 3-5, 2F to Shipyard level 3 to build the Epheria Sailboat.


Once you have your shipyard ready, let’s get building!

The materials required for building an Epheria Sailboat as listed in the shipyard, is as follows:

- Design: Epheria Sailboat (20)
- Standardized Timber Square (800)
- Steel (600)
- Pine Plywood (1500)
- Flax Fabric (300)


The most common way of acquiring ‘Design: Epheria Sailboat’ is through a daily quest.


You can receive the quest from Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria. It’s a simple quest where you deliver 2 pieces of cargo which rewards 1 Design: Epheria Sailboat.

▲ You can only do this daily quest once per family. Even if you log in with a different character, you won’t be able to do the quest again.


There are plenty of other materials that you need to prepare. You can get them through nodes, production, and processing.


Materials to Process



  ↪ Melted Iron Shard x 5

        ↪ Iron Ore x 5

  ↪ Coal x 5


Pine Plywood

  ↪ Pine Plank x 10

        ↪ Pine Timber x 5


Flax Fabric

  ↪ Flax Thread x 10

        ↪ Flax x 5


Standardized Timber Square

  ↪ Usable Scantling x 10

        ↪ Log x 10


Your character must gather some logs since they can’t be obtained from nodes. We suggest the pine tree forest near Trent, so you can get both the pine timber and logs at the same time.



Building a ship doesn’t work like other normal types of production where 1 work order results in 1 finished products, but instead you will need to complete the various parts through multiple work orders and put it together.

For example, the 20 Design: Epheria Sailboat requires 20 work orders.

However, to complete the entire ship with a single worker, it would require a total of 3,220 work orders. Therefore, you should use multiple workers to save time.


▲ There are 2 workers producing the Design: Epheria Sailboat at the same time.


As mentioned earlier, using 1 worker to finish the 20 Design: Epheria Sailboat requires 20 work orders. However, if you get 20 workers, it can be done in 1 work order.


If you have workers resting in other towns, connect the nodes between those towns to get more workers to help build the ship. The workers from different towns need the materials in their town storage for them to produce.  



The Epheria Sailboat is well suited for ocean voyages, so try building one for yourself!

We hope this helps answer some questions about the Epheria Sailboat you might have had. We’ll return with more facts and tips to send our Adventurers on their adventure.


Smooth sailing!

Thank you.

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