GM Notes [GM Note] New Guild Boss, Ancient Puturum
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Greetings, Adventurers!


The new guild raid boss ‘Ancient Puturum’ has finally arrived.


Puturum is an ancient creature that you might have seen following the main quests in Valencia. We will introduce how to summon this boss and what to watch out for during battle.



◈ [Boss Subjugation] Complete Guild Missions!


Just like the guild bosses in Calpheon and Mediah, you’ll need to acquire boss summon scrolls by completing [Boss Subjugation] guild missions. The scrolls can be used at a designated locations to summon guild bosses.


‘[Guild] Ancient Puturum Summon Scroll’ can be obtained by completing the following missions.




[Boss Subjugation] Desert Naga Elimination

Defeat Desert Naga

[Boss Subjugation] Desert Fogan Elimination

Defeat Desert Fogan

[Boss Subjugation] Argos Saunil Elimination

Defeat the Argos Saunil at Crescent Shrine;


Desert Nagas and Desert Fogans are relatively weak in Valencia. Argos Saunils at Crescent Shrine are not too strong either. So, you won’t have to worry too much before starting these missions.


◈ Defeat Ancient Puturum


If you have the [Guild] Ancient Puturum Summon Scrolls after completing the guild missions, then it’s time to defeat Ancient Puturum.


Ancient Puturum can be summoned on a hill that’s located north of Rune Gateway Intersection, it’s a node located between Altinova and Shakatu.





The guild master or officer can use the Ancient Puturum Summoning Scroll to start the battle. Make sure that all your guild members are ready before summoning it.


Ancient Puturum attacks by shooting out electric currents from its body. When its HP falls below a certain amount, it soars up to the sky and gathers energy. It also summons Hystria Power Towers in the area.


Puturum will unleash a powerful attack on to the ground that can kill many of your guild mates if these towers are not destroyed under a minute.

So, it’s important to destroy the Hystria Power Towers quickly to prevent Ancient Puturum from gathering energy.




The main drop you can get from Ancient Puturum is the Ring of Crescent Guardian. You can also get the Soiled Ring of Crescent Guardian. If you’re lucky, you can get two rings from 1 boss!

In addition, you can also obtain Awakening Weapon Box, Black Stones, various Magical Crystals, and more.



We found out about the new guild boss of Valencia, Ancient Puturum.


The Valencia guild missions that you need to complete are not that difficult. Go out there and help with the missions and challenge Ancient Puturum.


Thank you.


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