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Black Desert 2017-11-22 23:00
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Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Not sure how to collect items that you received as a package product or event from your Web Storage? Let’s get started.


1. Log in to the website. 


2. Click ‘My Page’ after you log in or click the ‘My Page’ button on the package payment complete page.


3. Click the ‘Collect item’ button on My Page, and go to Web Storage.


4. Select the item and the character that you want to receive the item and click ‘Next’.


5. Check the content and press ‘Convert item’.


6. You’ll see the following page when the item conversion is complete.


7. Go to your game and click (B) to open your mailbox. If you click the mail that was sent from the web, you can find the item in your Inventory or Pearl Inventory.


Thank you.

Comments 36
The best game.
2019-04-10 15:11
Hi, I can't seem to find my pet i recently purchased.. sorry newbie here
2019-04-11 11:42
im buying prime package but only get character expansion,gamepass, and pet. where the other such pearl,tier-5 horse, and the other from package i just play 3 days i want to play it to the fullest plea
2019-04-19 11:15
2019-06-21 16:51
And it will be back at OBT right? If i transfer all item and packages
2017-11-22 23:43
if cbt end? can we use the item for obt?
2017-11-22 23:47
please answer it
2017-11-23 00:07
Yes. Customer support says any item used on CBT will be refunded and can be used in OBT
2017-11-23 00:10
@rosseu, man would you please give the __link ? thanks alot
2017-11-23 00:12
2017-11-23 03:58
i've seen the GM ingame notice on the yesterday''s 1st day cbt
Yes your item will be back when obt start
2017-11-23 07:12
how about the value pack? its 30days right? all the item will be back at web storage?
2017-11-23 12:56
I cannot access MyPage, it redirect to a page that said "Cannot Find The Page"
I bought the Prime Package before the CBT starts, had reserved names and already choose a pet at my page before.
2017-11-23 14:03
is maximum level cap only 30?
2017-11-23 19:35
so all the items i have used right now in cbt will be refunded ? included fashion chest that i have opened by using a temporary cbt character....
2017-11-23 22:53
I cannot access MyPage, it redirect to a page that said "Cannot Find The Page"
" Same here "
2017-11-24 23:53
where i can found web storange usage record?
2018-01-18 16:10
i haven't redeemed my package items, my web storage is empty
2018-01-26 18:19
I bought 1k acoin, I only get a pet. Please help me with my problem. I cant locate the other itemssssss help!
2018-02-09 17:26
I bought legendary package but i cant find my maid bundle,please helppp!!!
2018-02-12 20:39
I bought legendary package but i cant find my maid bundle,please helppp!!!
2018-02-12 20:39
after loading in MoL points i got dced and now this website and game wont load!!! pls help me, i think i got ip blocked. now im logged in through other computer shop
2018-02-13 22:13
Why cant i claim my pet and value pack ? i can only redeem the limited package
2018-03-01 16:36
i upgrade packed but why i can't redeem my 400p
2018-03-14 18:55
why limited package didt received item inside pls help
2018-05-11 14:17
May I know where is the guest pass? Would like to invite friend to play.
2018-05-13 23:42
The pet seems acquired but I don't see it or doesn't show how to get it. Any help is appreciated please. Ty
2018-05-18 16:45
I didn't retrieve my guest pass. I really need it my friend want to test the game first
2018-06-05 21:19
i didnt receive guest pass
2018-07-14 19:42
2018-11-07 23:12
2018-11-07 23:13
why i cant open zgold point ?
2019-01-20 19:34
i bought prime package but got nothing in my web storage. help pls
2019-01-20 22:42
how can open ?
2019-01-27 19:41
I cant collect items at my web storage it is from the event
2019-02-12 05:05
How do I access the web storage in the new BDO SEA site?
2019-09-25 03:26

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