GM Notes [GM Note] Renewed Pearl Shop Cart - Put in Whatever you want!
Black Desert 2018-08-23 10:00
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Greetings Adventurers!


Finally! You are able to see and hear the remastered graphics and audio on the live server! However, even more changes have been made in this update.


As you probably already know, the cart in the Pearl Shop has been changed. Let’s go and take a look at the changes.



Pick and Choose the Pieces You Want!


There are 2 Pearl Shop carts available, the previous cart and the Event Cart.

The Event Cart is only available when you open the Outfit tab in the Pearl Shop (‘F3’).


You can use it the same way you did with the previous cart. Pick the pieces of outfits you like and put it in the Event Cart by clicking the ‘Take’ button.


There are a total of 8 slots in the Event Cart: Helmet, Top, Gloves, Shoes, Main Weapon, Awakening Weapon, Sub-weapon, and Underwear.

Here, you can place the pieces you want.

* Costumes, accessories, and certain regular outfits cannot be put in to the Event Cart. You can only put in 1 piece per slot.


Before the update, it was more expensive to buy specific pieces of outfits outside of their sets.


So, if you wanted to buy the [Ranger] Gotha Rensa Armor, [Ranger] Cavaro Shoes, [Ranger] Karlstein Longbow and Dagger, then you would have to buy those pieces like this.


That ‘s a grand total of 880 Pearls. However, you can buy them at a discounted price by placing them in the Event Cart.



You are still buying the same pieces, but with the Event Cart you can save 200 Pearls!


This is how the Pearl Discounts work.


Total Price


600 Pearls and below

0 Pearls

600 - 879 Pearls

100 Pearls

880 ~ 1079 Pearls

200 Pearls

1080 Pearls and above

280 Pearls



You can even gift the pieces in the Event Cart to friends and guild members at the discounted price.


Don’t worry if you want to send gifts to different people, you can send each of the pieces in the Event Cart to different Adventurers.


They will receive their gifts in their mailbox (‘B’). They will get 1 mail per piece sent to them.


So if you send 8 pieces in the Event Cart to a single Adventurer, than that Adventurer will receive 8 separate mails.


Check out the Event Cart in the Pearl Shop!


You can use the Event Cart as many times as you want. So dress up, buy, and gift outfits as much as you’d like!


Thank you.


The Set Creator will no longer available in Outfits tab of Pearl Shop (F3) after the next maintenance (Sep 19)

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