GM Notes [GM Note] Adventure with Rulupee
Black Desert 2018-08-30 10:00
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Greeting Adventurers!


All the places we knew were transformed and feel like a different place since the Remastered Update!


So, Rulupee has come along to help you find rest for your body and soul during your life in Black Desert.


Travel across from Balenos to Calpheon in this 3 day journey to complete Rulupee’s quests and get Rulupee’s Adventure Bags!


Let’s take a look at the places you’ll visit during your adventures with Rulupee.



◈ Starting your Adventure with Rulupee


Rulupee is a small Shai that you can find in the Golden Toad Inn of Heidel.

If you have a character level 30 and above, go to Rulupee and get the quest from her.


Her adventure quests covers Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon. You can accept quests for one region per day.


Follow Rulupee’s quests to see various locations in each of these regions and learn knowledge. You’ll get Rulupee’s Adventure Bags for completing the quests!


◈ Day 1 - Balenos


Your first adventure with Rulupee is in Balenos.


Accept ‘Off To The Next Adventure I’ quest by talking to Rulupee and start your new adventure.


Your first destination is none other than the peaceful town of Florin!


Use the navigation system and go to the location that the quest takes you. Start talking to the people in town and you’ll see great sceneries you might have missed.


Take in the sights and finish your conversations before returning to Rulupee. You’ll continue to do this in other regions as well.





You’ll get the ‘Back to Golden Toad Inn I’ quest once you complete the quest in Bartali Farm.


When you complete it, you’ll be done for the day and receive a ‘Rulupee's Lightweight Adventure Bag’ and the knowledge ‘Travel Journal - Balenos’.



◈ Day 2 - Serendia


Your second adventure takes you to Serendia.


Once again, go to Golden Toad Inn at Heidel to get the ‘Off To The Next Adventure II’ from Rulupee. Similar to the quests in Balenos, these quests will takes you through Serendia.


when you get to Glish, the town that specializes in Naga handcrafts>






Complete all the quests in Serendia and return to Golden Toad Inn to get your ‘Rulupee's Lightweight Adventure Bag’ and the knowledge ‘Travel Journal - Serendia’.


◈ Day 3 - Calpheon


This is your last day and adventure with Rulupee. She’ll send you to Calpheon this time around.


Accept her last quest ‘Off To The Next Adventure III’ and make your way over to Calpheon.


Enjoy the sights starting from Florin going all the way to Calpheon!










The last quest ‘Back to the Daily Routine: The End’ rewards you with the ‘Rulupee's Sturdy Adventure Bag’.


* Knowledge learnt from completing these quests do not give you additional energy.



Why don’t you take some time off your busy schedule and go traveling with Rulupee?

This is a great way to stop and smell the flowers.


Thank you.

Comments 7
Where is rupulee its not at the first picture
2018-08-30 12:04 0
cant u see a boy sitting on the roof?? hes not drax thou
2018-08-30 12:48 0
(Rulupee is a small Shai that you can find in the Golden Toad Inn of Heidel)
2018-08-30 13:25 0
smol boi by the Inn chair
2018-08-30 13:51 0
rulupee what do u think of dazzling boxes?
rulupee:" developer tat being corrupted BY EA to be EA BRAINED"
2018-08-30 15:52 0
to find Rulupee, he is sitting down on the table near the stairway at Heidel Inn

note on the first quest at Olvia, he is on the Rooftop
2018-08-30 16:41 0
Day 2 quest got bug... summon the boss, scroll disappear but boss didn't appear... try forfeit, but i cant retake the quest anymore
2018-09-01 13:22 0