GM Notes [GM Note] Hop on a Forest Path Wagon!
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Hello Adventurers!


With the Kamasylvia Part 2 update comes the craftable wagon with the fastest speed and the most item slots. Not to mention, it’s got a unlimited lifespan!

We present to you, the new Forest Path Wagon!


▶ What are the Forest Path Wagon specs?


The new wagon has 22 item slots, which is the most slots any wagon has!

It also has 100% for acceleration, speed, brakes, and turning, which is the highest out of all wagons.


Comparing Four-Wheeled Wagon Specs



Acceleration, Speed, Brakes, Turning

Merchant Wagon



Noble Wagon



Forest Path Wagon



You can tell Forest Path Wagon is the best wagon around just by looking at the table above.


This wagon allows you to move more trade items faster than other wagons. This means you can earn even more profit.


It’s not only useful for trade, it’s also a great form of transportation. It’s slower than a horse, but it has 22 item slots and a high weight limit. This allows you to have more space in your inventory.


Forest Path Wagon doesn’t only offer better specs.


You’re able to use the skill Instant Accel that takes stamina and and restore durability by repairing it yourself. This mean that you use this wagon forever.

▲ You cannot use the skill Instant Accel when the wagon is loaded over its weight limit.


▶ How do you make one?

Forest Path Wagon takes a lot of effort to make as it is expected of a wagon with its abilities. Try gathering the materials you need slowly after reading this GM note. You might end up riding a Forest Path Wagon one day.

Forest Path Wagon are made in level 4 Wagon Workshops. Currently, the only place with a level 4 Wagon Workshop is ‘Grána 4’.

Once you have the wagon workshop prepared, it's time to gather the materials.

First-grade Wagon Horse: You can buy a First-grade Wagon Horse for 15,000,000 silver or 15x 10G Gold Bars from the stable keeper in ‘Stonetail Horse Ranch’, south of Tarif.

Sturdy Loopy Tree Plywood: You can make the plywood by chopping Loopy Trees found in Kamasylvia to get Loopy Tree Timber, then processing them to make them into plywood.

Noc Ingot: You can make the ingots by processing Noc Ores found in Kamasylvia.

Soft Hide: You can make soft hide by drying leather from deer, sheep, and foxes.

Indigo Lapis Lazuli: You can get ‘Indigo Lapis Lazuli’ with a set chance when mining Noc Rocks found in Kamasylvia.

Piece of Image: You can make a piece through Processing (hotkey ‘L’) - Simple Alchemy with Merindora's Element x1, Trace of Memory x100, Trace of Death x100, Trace of Forest x100, and Weed x100.

* You can get Merindora's Element by completing Merindora’s recurring quest in Grána.

It takes a long time to make the ‘Piece of Image’ and uses a lot of materials, so we suggest you take your time when making it.

Wagons are made the same way ships are built in shipyards. You need to complete multiple work orders instead of completing the entire product in one work order.


▲ Products made through a manufacturing process can use multiple workers at once.


You’ll save more time by using more workers at the same time. If you have workers resting in different towns, send them to Grána to help. However, if you use a worker from a different town, there must be materials in the town storage the worker is from for them to work.


If you want to even more effects, try equipping parts that only Forest Path Wagons can use.

You can make parts to equip on the Forest Path Wagon in the level 4 Horse Gear Workshop found in ‘Grána 3-2, 2F’.


Effects of Equipment Parts to Four-wheeled Wagons


Forest Path Wagon

High-Quality Noble/ Merchant Wagon

Noble/Merchant Wagon


Movement Speed +3.5%

Movement Speed +2.5%

Movement Speed +2%



Trade Item Stability +30

Max Power +250

Trade Item Stability +20

Trade Item Stability +20


Weight Limit +270LT

Weight Limit +200LT

Weight Limit +150LT



It might take a lot of time and effort to make the Forest Path Wagon, but you won’t regret it! You should try making one for yourself.


Thank you.


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"It might take a lot of time and effort to make the Forest Path Wagon, but you won’t regret it! You should try making one for yourself." or just buy one from other player
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