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Black Desert 2018-11-07 10:00
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Hello Adventurers!


Dream Horse ‘Diné’ was added through the Kamasylvia Part 2 update. It’s a Dream Horse that looks like the unicorn in legends. A way to get the Dream Horse you want when awakening a courser was also added.

Today, we’ll introduce the newly added Dream Horse and the way to get the Dream Horse you want in this GM note.

▶ Meet Dream Horse Diné

The unique feature of the newly added Dream Horse Diné has a horn that makes it look like the unicorn in legends. Diné uses its sacred horn to give buffs to allies in the surrounding area.


What kind of abilities does ‘Diné’ have?

The Dream Horse Diné can learn the following skills.




Courser's Spirit

Slowly recovers HP and Endurance while it is parked.

Double Jump

Able to jump one more time after jumping. (Must have the skills High Jump and Streak Jump to use)

S: Charge

Able to charge twice in a row. (Must have the skill Charge to use this skill)

Earth of Life

Recovers 200 HP and 100 MP(EP)/WP/SP every 3 seconds for 30 seconds of the owner and up to 10 allies in the surrounding area.

(Skill Cool Down time - 5 minutes)

Earth of Protection

When using ‘Earth of Life’, increases DP by +10 and All Evasion by +10 for 30 seconds (activates automatically when you use Earth of Life)

Out of the skills listed above, Diné is born with Courser's Spirit, Double Jump, and Earth of Life. The skills S: Charge and Earth of Protection can be learned by chance as it grows.


Additionally, Diné runs in the desert with its normal speed and can use skills like in any other region.


So we have Arduanatt that allows its rider to soar through the sky, and Diné that strengthens your allies with buffs and runs in the desert without any penalties. Which one do you prefer?


▶ How can I get the Dream Horse I want?

Before you could only get Arduanatt when your Tier 8 courser awakened after training it in the three categories, Skill, Elegance, Strength and the trainings added up to 200%.

The update added the Dream Horse Diné, allowing you to be able to get 1 of 2 Dream Horses. So the awakening system now allows the Adventurer to control which Dream Horse will come out.

You can increase your chances by a maximum of 90% by training the courser to gain high Skill training to get Arduanatt or high Elegance training to get Diné.

Try focusing your courser’s training on Skill or Elegance to get the Dream Horse you want.


Training Material


Rainbow Gem Fruit

Exchange 10 Shiny Golden Seal - [Imperial Delivery]

Stonetail Fodder

Made through Process - Simple Alchemy using Farming Byproducts


Breezy Conch Seaweed

Has a chance of dropping from fishing

Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast

Has a chance of dropping when hunting Blue Whale and Khalk


Deep Blue Hoof Root

Has a chance of dropping from gathering

Pure Forest Breath

Has a chance of dropping from

monsters in all regions



Diné is a Dream Horse that gives life with every step it takes!

Enjoy Black Desert by awakening the Dream Horse you want using the new awakening system.


Thank you.

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