GM Notes [GM Note] [GM Event] 10 Bosses for 10 Million!
Black Desert 2018-11-08 16:00
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Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Let’s celebrate 10 Millions users of Black Desert Online by hunting 10 Field Bosses!

Join the Boss Raid with GMs and get Boss gears!


■ Event Time

2018/11/09 (Friday) 19:00 PM (GMT+8)


■ Event Servers

All servers (excluding Arsha-1)

■ How to Participate

- Be in the location of Field Boss spawn at the time indicated in the table below. The fight the boss when it appears!

- Check the location in which Field Bosses spawn in our WIKI: LINK


■ Boss Spawn Timetable

Spawn Time



Red Nose (will spawn 3 times)


Dastard Bheg (will spawn 3 times)


Dim Tree Spirit (will spawn 4 times)


Special Bonus! Golden Bell on All Servers!

- Event period : November 9th, 23:30~ Nov 10th 00:30

- Servers : All servers (Excluding servers in which golden bell is already on-going)


- You can get damaged by the monsters during the event. You will lose EXP, trade items and might break Magic Crystals if you die during the event.

- If you are found to have disrupted the event or caused inconvenience to other players then you may be restricted from the game.

- Pearl Abyss is not liable for any damages caused by the negligence of players and will not undertake any remedial measures to correct damages. Players may be restricted from participating in the event in such cases.

- The Field Bosses that appear during the event are identical to the regular Field Bosses.

- Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances.

- Please refer to the in-game item description for details on whether the item is bound.

- If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Customer Support].

- Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

Comments 22
19.00??? noooooooo
2018-11-08 23:05 0
Thank you for the info GM :)
2018-11-09 04:45 0
The post was deleted.
do i should have the scroll to participate?
2018-11-09 12:11 0
Wow... there will be huge lag in the area?
2018-11-09 13:31 0
what time is 19:00 on ph
2018-11-09 13:44 0
19:00 is 7 pm in ph right?
2018-11-09 13:49 0
is it going to be alright?there will be many that go dim tree spirit, will it be a huge lag?
2018-11-09 17:03 0
stpid event. each boss only spawned 1 time. Very misleading
2018-11-09 19:20 0
2018-11-09 19:20 0
Cuckold Event. Killed both Bheg And Red Nose,hit both of them properly,neither of them dropped anything. The spawn time is also very misleading. Stupid.
2018-11-09 19:21 0
I can't freaking loot why tho?
2018-11-09 19:27 0
Failed Event, spawn is confusing ,no drops , always dc even though i have good pc and connection
2018-11-09 19:32 0
2018-11-09 19:38 0
Boss timer F*&^$ up. Low gear F&$# UP . Worst Event
2018-11-09 19:43 0
1st: even tho I did alot of Dmg, I can't loot the bosses
2nd: NONE of the boss dropped a single Boss Gear
3rd: V-1 Bheg only spawn once!
2018-11-09 19:44 0
Dear GM why on Hediel-1 server Red Nose only spawn one and no one get the gear boss
2018-11-09 19:52 0
What a troll Event... not even 1 from the field bosses... on got 5 hunters seal from just ONE, ONE, ONE FIELD BOSS... THATS IT... thanks... oh and YEAH... I got good connections
2018-11-09 19:52 0
leh this is call 5 hunter seal event
2018-11-09 19:57 0
thanks for no loot and no 3x red nose in k-1
2018-11-09 20:00 0
V1, none of the boss drop gear, no details update about how it spawn next after one die, red nose only spawn once, and thanks for the trash loot
2018-11-09 21:18 0
The post was deleted.
2018-11-12 00:13 0 faith on bdo community is totally lost. What a bunch of cry babies.
2018-11-12 11:03 0