GM Notes [GM Note] “My fate belongs to where I go.” Archer Skill Ascension Update!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Archer Skill Ascension Update!



Hello, Adventurers!


Archer has arrived last week and wields both the Crossbow and Greatbow using stylish skills. This allows him to be versatile on the battlefield.


Here, we will continue from the previous story where the young Luthragon followed the Mother’s will and reached for the rift. Not even the elder was able to stop him.

Let’s see what happens to him and the stronger skills he gains through Skill Ascension.


 “Born with a Purpose”


On the night when the white moon lighted up the Kamasylvian skies, young Luthraghon stood in front of the Goddess' Sacred Tree. Not knowing what to do, he stood underneath the moonlight, feeling the wind brush against his face. It was as if he was looking through the leaves, hoping to find the answer he is looking for written on one of the leaves.

His mind was racing with too many thoughts. He was utterly confused, and just the thought of it suffocated him.



Born to protect the roots, he came to this realm looking for answers about his purpose in life, but everything was foreign.


When he realized that those who tried to keep him locked up in the other realm was his own sisters, he trembled with rage for the first time in his life.

Weren't we all born with our Mother's blessings?

Why must we fight and despise each other?


Lost in his thoughts, he heard a rustle and felt someone's presence.

The figure vanished leaving behind black smoke, but he knew exactly who it was.

It was his sister Vedir, who tried to stop the Luthraghons from leaving Adùir.


The Luthraghon dashed through the forest, chasing after the trail of black smoke.

He ran as fast as he could, but could not close the gap.

Crossbows are a short-range weapon, therefore it was impossible to aim accurately.

Catching his breath, the Luthraghon took out his greatbow.

He was sure that his greatbow wouldn't fail him.


After taking a deep breath, he pulled the arrow with all his strength.

Everything was in slow-motion and it was as if he could see the trajectory of the wind.

The moment he saw his target between the trees, he let go of his arrow.

The arrow was released with a thundering roar.

It created a gust in its path as it ripped through the wind.



The Luthraghon, confident that the arrow carried his determination through the wind to its target Vedir, walked up to check her body. However, the only thing he could find was his arrow and there were no traces of Vedir to be found.

As he pulled out his arrow from the tree, he heard a voice.


"Did you think you could hit me with that sluggish arrow?"

"You should've remained in Adùir, protecting your root..."

"You don't belong here, Watcher."


The Luthraghon quickly turned to the direction of the voice, only to see a powerful spellbound Kriegsmesser being struck to the ground. Then, a dark energy erupted from the ground knocking back the Luthraghon, leaving him with excruciating pain. He felt as if his body was being shredded into pieces, but even in such pain, he used all that was left in him and stabbed the Vedir with the arrow in his hands.


The Luthraghon looked around when the dirt from the eruption settled down, but the Vedir was long gone. Instead what was left was his arrow and traces of blood that seemed to be Vedir's.

He wanted to follow the trail of blood left by the Vedir at once, but his body couldn't keep up with his thoughts. Blaming his weakened body, he stood up by leaning his body against the tree. He felt a rush of mental and physical pain. Picking up the broken arrow from the ground, he whispered to himself.

"Mother, I am doubtful that I will be able to fulfill the purpose that you have bestowed upon me."


The moment he grasped the broken arrow feeling bitter and resentful, a brilliant light entered his body. He thought his body was numb because of the blood loss.

But suddenly he felt a warmth surrounding his body and in that instant, the Sylvian Wolf appeared between the woods.


 “Ascension, the Sylvian Wolf.”


The Sylvian Wolf walked up close and paced around.

It was the first time seeing the wolf, but something felt familiar.

The Luthraghon soon realized why.He could feel his greatbow resonate as the wolf became closer and closer.

Soon, the Luthragon vaguely understood

that the wolf was a projection of the power embodied within his greatbow.

The Sylvian Wolf was the guardian's companion and power granted by Mother.

Did it reveal itself knowing that the Luthraghon was in danger?

Maybe the the ruckus made by the Luthraghon and Vedir awoke him.


Suddenly he thought, maybe Mother foresaw everything.

As he reached out to the Sylvian Wolf, it let out a long howl and dispersed into light, becoming one with the Luthraghon.


“Your destiny is in your hands."

"Walk the path you believe in."

"That is how you will fulfil your purpose and is the answer I give you."


The Luthraghon could not tell whether the voice was in his own thoughts or if it was the wolf's.

Though it didn't matter.

His mind cleared and his pains were relieved as if he found the answer he was looking for.

There was no hesitation left in him.



"This is the path that I choose to take, and this is my destiny."




Archer Skill Ascension


Archer can use the main weapon and awakening weapon from the start, unlike any other class. However, he couldn’t learn all the skills.


Skill ascension will make his Greatbow skills even more powerful and allow him to learn additional skills. This is the moment when Archer becomes a true Luthraghon.


Righteous Smite

Fires a huge arrow infused with the power of light at the target. The arrow is slow but the explosion is extremely powerful.


Empowers Archer’s skills to make them extremely destructive for a limited time.

Piercing Light

Shoots an arrow using the long range and explosive capabilities of the Greatbow. It can be charged to increase the area of effect.

Ravenous Talon

Stuns targets in close range and then creates distance between them.

Flow : Light’s Trail

Can be used in various situation as it flows after many skills and moves backwards while shooting.


Archer Combat Video




Archer Skill Ascension Event


We have a special event to celebrate the Archer Skill Ascension Update, so don’t miss out!


▶Archer Skill Ascension!


On 12/19/2018 (Wed), Archer will become even stronger and splendid through Skill Ascension.


We will continue to work hard to provide great contents for all of our Adventurers.

Thank you

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