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Hello Adventurers!

Vell, the Heart of the Ocean, is an immortal sea boss monster that has surfaced!

Before rushing out to battle this menacing new boss, read this GM Note to learn all about out the tactics, boss skills, item drops and more.


On the last page of History of the Ocean, there is a phrase that looked as if it was written in a rush.

'The Immortal Sea Monster'

  It refers to Vell and its ability to regenerate its heart. According to the diary left by an alchemist who once used the Vell's Heart to create an alchemy stone, Vell is still roaming the sea even after he took its heart. This remains an unsolved mystery.


◈Vell, the Heart of the Ocean
Vell, the Heart of the Ocean, is stirring once again!

Vell will appear in Vell’s Realm, north of Lema Island, every Sunday at 16:00 (GMT +8) on the servers Balenos-2, Serendia-2, Calpheon-2, Valencia-2, and Kamasylvia-1!


▲ Vell appears here!

Vell’s HP is shared across all the servers it appears in.

It doesn’t matter which server you join for the raid, if Vell is defeated in one server, then it is defeated across all the other servers as well!

There will be a server-wide system notification message 30 minutes before Vell appears.

If you have boss notification turned off in your settings, you can turn it back on to receive the notification before the system message is sent out.

◈ How to Prepare for Vell’s Battle

Unlike the existing bosses, you must prepare for an ocean battle against Vell!

You cannot fight Vell unless you have an Old Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate, or Galley.

If you venture out into the ocean on a fishing boat or rowboat, you’ll surely end up in a helpless situation! Instead, make sure to take an
Old Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate, or Galley to fight Vell.

There are still more to prepare before fighting Vell. Also, don’t forget the guild items for the galley!


Equipment to Prepare:

  • Ships: Old Bartali Sailboat, Epheria Sailboat/Frigate, Galley
  • Items: Cannon, Ship Equipment, Ship Repair Equipment, Explorer’s Compass, and [Hunting] Matchlock


Bonus Tips! Let’s Attack as a Platoon!

The platoon system is a great way to organize large temporary groups of Adventurers (up to 20) in order to accomplish a shared goal. This system allows everyone in the platoon to share buffs and HP status. Platoons will be a useful tool against Vell, since you can repair each other’s ships, set up attack roles, and much more.

When battling Vell, damage from cannon fire by other platoon members will add to your contribution as well, which increases your chance of getting items. Platoons let everyone do their best in every role!


◈ How to Battle Vell, the Heart of the Ocean


It's always best to know what to do in battle before challenging a boss.
Defeating Vell requires a different method of combat from existing bosses.

Vell can only be damaged by shots from ship cannons!

When Vell surfaces, it will unleash Vell’s Fury to try to escape the sealing stone, which will cause a huge surge in Vell’s Realm. Be careful of this surge, as you will receive massive damage from being inside of it.

Additionally, be cautious going near Vell, as it causes serious damage to anything nearby.

We recommend you register your ship on Lema Island in advance, in case your ship sinks. Also, if your character dies, resurrection at the closest town will take you to Lema Island, and resurrection at the closest node will take you to the ocean near Vell’s battlezone.


Vell’s Fragments, Lopters

Once the battle starts, Vell will use its fragments, “Lopters”, in an attempt to destroy any attacking ships.

You can shoot down any approaching Lopterses with ‘[Hunting] Matchlocks’.


Lopterses are also known as Sharks of Magoria

Lopterses are monsters covered in transparent and glossy scales.


  They are Vell's fragments. Vell is known as the Heart of the Ocean and Nightmare of Margoria. Lopterses are known to stay close to Vell in herds.


Vell’s Attack Patterns, Breath and Tidal Wave

Have you been following along so far?

Now, let’s go over Vell’s basic attacks, and its 2 special techniques. If you learn these beforehand, it’ll be very useful knowledge when attacking Vell.

the start, a whirlpool will form before Vell’s appearance, and any ship caught in the whirlpool will quickly lose its durability. Vell finally arrives with its sealing stone. You can attack Vell from outside of the sealing stone with cannons.


  • Breath

If Vell is harmed by cannon bombardment, then it will occasionally let out a powerful breath attack, so make sure not to stay in one place for too long.


  • High Jump

If Vell takes enough damage, it’ll get enraged and launch a powerful attack!

The message, “Vell is enraged. Watch out!”, will be displayed, and then Vell jumps out of the ocean to cause a massive surge.

At this time, you must hold on tightly to the ship’s cannon/helm, or dive deep into the ocean to avoid the waves.


How to loot Vell!

You can obtain your rewards by going to where Vell’s body fell after it’s defeat. The location will be marked by a large beam of yellow light that makes it easy to see where it is!

※ The rewards will disappear after 30 minutes from when Vell is defeated.


◈ Vell’s Heart, a Brand New Alchemy Item!

Defeat Vell for a chance to obtain ‘Vell’s Heart’.


Vell’s Heart is a powerful alchemy stone formed of Vell’s condensed energy.

Differing from current alchemy stones, Vell’s Heart provides +3 AP and useful combat buffs that make it a reward truly worth anticipating.


Defeating Vell gives you a chance to obtain Vell’s Heart as a drop, or you can produce it using 1500 Alchemy Stone Fragments and Vell’s Concentrated Magic.

Here are even more items you can earn by defeating Vell!


Items Drops from the Heart of the Ocean, Vell


Vell’s Heart

Vell’s Concentrated Magic

Gold Bar 1000G

Rainbow Coral Ring

Gold Bar 100G

Caphras Stone

Gold Bar 10G

Cron Stone

Vell’s Fine Powder

Golden Pearl

Ancient Spirit Dust

Blue Whale Tendon

Daybreak Blue Coral

Prairie Green Coral

Green Coral

Blue Coral

Coral Piece

Black Stone (Weapon)

Black Stone (Armor)

Hunter’s Seal




Vell, the Heart of the Ocean, is beating!

Now, don’t you think it’s time to sail out to the ocean with your friends and go defeat Vell?

Don’t miss out on your chance for valuable rewards by defeating Vell!

Adventurers, thanks for reading!

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