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It means, “a friend who stays by one's side”. Neat, huh?
This name was given to me by our mother and Queen, Theiah.
I used to live in a field of fragrant flowers that had plenty of warm sunshine.


We really love the sweet essence of flowers. I think you call it honey?
I like the tipsiness and pleasant feelings you sometimes get from drinking it.
Although, you would be in a lot of trouble if the Queen found out.
Nevertheless, we lived happily alongside the flowers and butterflies under our benevolent Queen’s blessing.


One day, rifts ablaze with golden light suddenly began to appear in our home.
You will never be an excellent fairy if you just pass by such a magical sight.
So, I gathered my friends, and together we departed on an adventure through the rift.
But, oh my gosh! For the first time in my life, I witnessed a place full of chaos.


I wandered around, lost in this rift. I think I have arrived somewhere really far away from home. There were so many things I’ve never seen before. One of my friends escaped from the rift, but they turned into a petal and fell down. Then an ugly thing with a huge club picked up those petals. Eeek…! How Gross!


Huh? Wait! Hear me out for a bit longer. While I might be small, I can still do a lot of things.
Like, light up a path shrouded by the night, or activate certain items from your inventory.
While I may need the energy stored inside metals forged by fire… but I’m definitely helpful!
Also, I’m really curious about this place that I’ve never seen before.
It would be great if I could travel with someone...


Hmm… so why am I telling you this story... well it’s because I’m trapped.
I’m at the edge of the rift, and I’m exhausted from wandering around for so long..
If only I could drink some sweet honey, then I could easily escape.


If you happen to see me, would you give me a hand to get out of here?
I’m sure we’ll be good friends. Just like the meaning of my name.



Greetings, Adventurers traveling Black Desert’s world


Fairy Laila has arrived in Black Desert!
What do these fairies look like? What roles will they play in our long journey?

Don’t miss out on your chance to learn how to meet these fairies, and their abilities in this GM Note!


- How do I get a Fairy?
Use the Sealed Fairy Wings to acquire Fairy Laila.

Then, how do you obtain the Sealed Fairy Wings? You need to complete the Black Spirit quest that starts with Fairy Queen Theiah.

For the quest above, you must be at least level 52, and have completed all the Calpheon main quests to accept this Black Spirit quest.

As you progress, you will reach Kamasylve Temple in Mediah. From there, once you’ve completed all the objectives, Fairy Queen Theiah will offer a repeatable quest which will give you additional Sealed Fairy Wings.



The quest can be completed by delivering Laila’s Petal. You have a chance to collect Laila’s Petal by defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing regardless of region.


Bonus Tip: How to Obtain Cooking Honey!

You may be asked for Cooking Honey while progressing through the questline. Cooking Honey can be obtained by shooting beehives with a matchlock in the forests of Southern Balenos, or honey production from Alejandro Farm in Serendia.


You can meet one of the four different tiers of Fairy Laila by using the Sealed Fairy Wings. Register the Sealed Fairy Wings you obtain below the Young Kamaslyve Tree in Kamasylve Temple.

You cannot know which tier of Faint, Glimmering, Brillant, or Radiant Fairy Wings your Fairy has until you release the seal.

Also, some fairies have learned the
common language of Black Desert from their Queen.


When you summon a fairy, you can grow the fairy and view its current level/abilities in Fairy Information.

You can unsummon the fairy temporarily to hide it in a rift. Fairies can also be released to send them home.


- What are the Fairy’s Mysterious Abilities?
The number of skills Fairy Laila can learn depends on her innate potential at birth.
Each fairy
skill has a maximum of 5 levels, and once the skill is learned, its level cannot be raised or lowered.



Additionally, you can grow your fairy by providing them with certain equipment (weapons and armor), Black Spirit's Claw, Sweet Honey Wine, or Ornette’s Dark Honey Wine.


Bonus Tip: Sweet Honey Wine!

You can grow your fairy by using the item, Sweet Honey Wine. Use a Cooking Tool in your residence with the following recipe: Top-Quality Cooking Honey x2, Full-bodied Exotic Herbal Wine x4 (Substitute Exotic Herbal Wine x48), Sugar x10, and Fruits x2 to cook Sweet Honey Wine.

Fairies will learn 1 skill for every 10 levels, and all fairies have a standard skill that grants Luck +1.

Once learned, skills are randomly assigned a skill level from 1 - 5, and skill levels cannot be altered afterwards.

The types and effects of skills fairies can learn are as follows.


Fairy Tiers

Max Lv.













Tingling Breath


Underwater Breathing +5 sec.


Underwater Breathing +10 sec.


Underwater Breathing +15 sec.


Underwater Breathing +20 sec.


Underwater Breathing +30 sec.

Feathery Steps


Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 105%)


Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 110%)


Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 115%)


Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 120%)


Weight Penalty Reduction (Up to 125%)

Fairy’s Tear


Instant Resurrection without losing EXP:
12 hr Cooldown


Instant Resurrection without losing EXP:
6 hr Cooldown


Instant Resurrection without losing EXP:
3 hr Cooldown


Instant Resurrection without losing EXP:
1 hr Cooldown

Inexhaustible Well


Automatically uses the cure for desert illnesses:
30 min. Cooldown


Automatically uses the cure for desert illnesses:
20 min. Cooldown


Automatically uses the cure for desert illnesses:
15 min. Cooldown


Automatically uses the cure for desert illnesses:
10 min. Cooldown


Automatically uses the cure for desert illnesses:
5 min. Cooldown

Morning Star


The summoned fairy will shine and light up the surroundings

Miraculous Cheer


Auto-use Potion when HP/Resource is depleted :
6 sec. Cooldown


Auto-use Potion when HP/Resource is depleted :
5 sec. Cooldown


Auto-use Potion when HP/Resource is depleted :
4 sec. Cooldown


Auto-use Potion when HP/Resource is depleted :
3 sec. Cooldown


Auto-use Potion when HP/Resource is depleted :
2 sec. Cooldown

- Releasing your Fairy!

There are several reasons why an Adventurer might need to release their fairies depending on whether they like the fairy or not!

First Example: If you ever meet a more appealing fairy, then you can use the release function to return your current fairy home. The departing fairy will leave behind some Fairy Powder as gratitude.

Second example: If you feel unsatisfied by the fairy you met, then you can exchange the fairy wings with Ceilyn in Kamasylve Temple. Ceilyn will give you Sweet Honey Wine, which can be used to grow your fairy.

Third Example: If you are happy with the fairy you met, then exchange 10 Laila’s Petals to get 1 Fairy's Blessing through Theiah in Kamasylve Temple.

Fairy's Blessing has the same effect as Valk’s Cry. You will receive Valks Enhancement Chance +1 when you use 1 Fairy's Blessing.




Doesn’t having a fairy at your side in your Black Desert journey sound nice?

Well, your journey won’t be any harder than before just because you don’t have a fairy. Still, your adventure would be far more enjoyable if there is a companion around.

We hope you will meet a likeable fairy, and enjoy your future adventures together!

Thank you.

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