GM Notes [GM Note] Voice of Adventurers II : Post-Event(I)
Black Desert 2019-04-01 17:00
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Greetings Adventurers,
On March 30th (Sat), the Voice Adventurers was held in Jakarta, Indonesia!

There were many happy memories made with everyone at this event, and we would like to share them in our GM Note.

Once again, thank you to all the Adventurers who honored us with their presence and devotion for Black Desert.

Here are just some of the highlights from that passionate day! 





▶ It’s vital to take at least one commemorative photo before entering the event!



▶ Who were the lucky Adventurers to get these goods?



▶ Even the Voice of the Adventurers is better on a full stomach!



▶ Now that everything is prepared, shall we get started?



▶Let us introduce you to the Pearl Abyss staff who came all the way from Korea to meet our Indonesian Adventurers.

(From left to right) Global-Service Project Manager Ginny Han, the Executive Producer of Black Desert Jae Hee Kim, and Indonesian Localization Jeremy!




▶ Such enthusiasm! Did this Adventurer get the answer correct?



▶ Next up was the Q&A session with our Adventurers.


▶ Today’s event introduced the future updates and content for South-East Asia.


▶ What was revealed to create such a standing ovation?



▶ We’re glad to have met our Indonesian Adventures in-person.



Preparing this event was both exciting and nerve wracking, but we are truly glad to have had this opportunity to discuss Black Desert with our Adventurers.

We appreciate the attendee’s many questions and opinions. Once more, thank you to all the Adventurers who joined us at the event.

But hold on, there’s more!

If you are curious about what was discussed at the event, please check out [GM Note] Voice of Adventurers II Post-Event 2! That GM Note will cover the Adventurers’ Q&A session and the future update plans for South-East Asia. 

Thank you.

Comments 4
Make Central Market able to store all stuff. Just can't sell certain Stuff (Event Item). Pearl Item for Central Market to increase VT. Let Player have convenient Thanks.
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i wanna join this event agaaiinnn!!!!
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wow XD PH please?
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