GM Notes [GM Note] [Package Purchase] How to purchase a Package with Acoins
Black Desert 2018-01-12 17:00
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Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


1. Log in to the Black Desert website with your account.
Sign up through the following link if you are not a member yet:



2. When you are logged in, select ‘Packages’ from the Shop menu.

You need Acoins to purchase a Package. If you don’t have Acoins, please refer the to the Top Up Guide.


[ Go to Top Up Acoins with PayPal Guide ]

[ Go to Top Up Acoins with MOL Guide ]

[ Go to Top Up Acoins with Prepaid Card Guide ]



3. There are a packages ranging from 200 to 2,000 Acoins that Adventurers can choose from.

The more expensive packages include a wider variety of items. The items included in the packages end up being cheaper than buying them separately (pets, costumes, etc).

You’ll be granted permanent access no matter which package you purchase.



4. When you select the package you wish to purchase, a pop-up like the one shown below will appear.

If this is the package you wish to purchase, click on the ‘Purchase’ button to proceed with your order.


5. You can check the details of your transaction and your Acoin Balance on the window like the one shown below. Please make sure you have sufficient Acoins and click ‘Purchase’ to continue.



6. If your transaction is successful, you will see a confirmation window like the one shown below. You can check whether the purchase was applied to your game account in ‘My Page’.



7. If the package purchased was sent properly, you can log in and enjoy the game! However, if it didn’t go through properly, please send us a ticket:


Please contact Customer Support if you have any problem purchasing Package or if you need help:  

[Go to Customer Support]


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