GM Notes [GM Note] Voice of Adventurers II Post-Event (2)
Black Desert 2019-04-06 18:00
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Hello Adventurers!

In our previous Voice of Adventurers post-event, we shared with you some of the scenes of enthusiasm and passion from our Indonesian Adventurers.

Let’s see what went on during the event!

News for our Adventurers in Southeast Asia!
Planned Content Updates

Here are the update plans that were presented at VOA 2!


First, I’d like to briefly introduce the long awaited Lahn. She is a melee class that wields the “Crimson Pendulum” as her main weapon and the “Noble Sword” as her sub-weapon. Her agile and nimble-bodied movements allows her to deliver a wide-range of attacks and combos. She can hurl the Crescent Pendulum towards her enemies at range or swing her weapon to strike all surrounding enemies. After her Awakening, she wields the Crimson Glaives, two swords connected by chains.

1. Lahn Update Schedule!
March 30th - Pre-registration
April 3rd - Early Customization

April 10th - Lahn Update
April 17th - Lahn Awakening
As shown in our schedule, you will be able to meet her soon and experience the action with Lahn wielding her weapon, the Crescent Pendulum.


PS: Make sure to get the bonus rewards from Lahn’s Early Customization



Next up are the updates that are just as anticipated as Lahn!



Do you know what the symbol above represents?

It’s the symbol of Drieghan, and we plan for our Adventurers to experience it soon.

Garmoth is a world boss you can’t miss! She will be added alongside Drieghan. This is where you will be able to obtain materials to make weapons comparable to the powerful “Dandelion” awakening weapon. Additionally, a new collection minigame will be implemented, where you will be able to collect the special resource, “Lakiaro”.


The 3rd Dream Horse - Doom

You will soon enjoy more variety in your gameplay as Doom will be joining the current two Dream Horses, Arduanatt and Diné.

As a brief introduction, Doom is able to double jump, use skills to damage nearby enemies with flames, and leave a trail of Hellfire.

Additionally, Doom has a chance to learn the skill Dark Sprint, which can be used with S: Instant Accel to travel at an even faster speed and to attack nearby enemies and leave them behind burning in flames.

Finally, Doom is the only Dream Horse that can learn the skill Two-seater! Please look forward to the new Dream Horse - Doom!

Next is the Sycraia Underwater Ruins.

This is one of the most dangerous hunting grounds in the Black Desert world, even surpassing Valencia and Hystria in difficulty. The rewards are definitely worth the risk though!

Adventurers, you have traveled from deserts to oceans, and now you’ll soon explore the seabed. As Black Desert continues to expand, this will be a new location to continue your endless adventures.

Here is the new update in Korea!


Star’s End is a new area where the new ‘BlackStar Weapons’ will appear. It is better than the current Kzarka weapon. As a result, this weapon will bring a new option from the previous choices of Kzarka and Offin.



There’s one last thing to introduce - Territory War. We are currently developing and testing Territory War. It is going to be a large-scale battlefield that has more participants than any other war before it. Just as your adventures expand, so will the horizons.


We are truly glad for this opportunity to meet our Adventurers in Southeast Asia. We will use this to motivate us to develop more contents. We’re working hard to develop content and events for our Adventurers. Please continue to give us your feedback and support. We appreciate the love you’ve given to Black Desert.

Thank you.


This is not really related to an upcoming update, but we would like to announce a new type of Meet & Greet event.

In a sense, this is the opposite of VoA where our Adventurers would come to us to see the development studio - Pearl Abyss. We are currently trying this out with our Korean Adventurers and our future goal is to invite our Adventurers from across the globe as well!

You will be able to see how Black Desert is made in the motion capture room, 3D scanning room, audio recording studio, and other facilities that are used in development. Also, you will see where the developers and staff of Pearl Abyss work and rest like the lounge area, cafe, and Pearl Restaurant.


Flights, rooms, and other expenses will be covered by yours truly - Pearl Abyss.

We here at Pearl Abyss wish to get closer to our Adventurers by having Meet & Greet events. Currently, this event is still being planned for our Adventurers in Southeast Asia, but we hope to see you in Korea in the near future!


The Core of VoA! Answering Questions from our Adventurers
Q & A


Q1: Do you have any future updates that will have a great impact for BDO?

A: The Central Market was implemented so that Black Desert could embark on a new beginning. Many of you may experience confusion, since the prices of items will fluctuate for some time. We are preparing updates to improve the gameplay experience as the market stabilizes. Black Desert will continue to deliver updates every week. Therefore, it is difficult even for us to say what is going to happen for sure. Still, you can rest assured that we are going to make improvements for our new Adventurers that are just starting their journey, and for our veteran Adventurers to continue enjoying their adventures.The biggest upcoming updates will be Drieghan, the new weapons from Star’s End, Territory War, and more.


Q2: Hunting grounds other than Mirumok and the like are looking less appealing due to the drop in accessory prices which was caused by the introduction of Dark Rift. Do you have any thoughts on this?

A: Dark Rift was designed to assist Adventurers that didn't have a lot of time to play, but it was also designed to stop the daily repetitive grind. We wanted Adventurers to spend less time doing repetitive content through the Dark Rift and have a choice to do other content or even continue grinding if they wished. Doesn’t it get a little tiring if you go out and do the same thing for 5 hours straight? We are working towards reducing this negative perception in our gameplay.


Q3: Items that have the same enhancement level, but are different in price depending on the class. (I’m a Wizard and it’s a big disadvantage to sell my equipment for lower prices)

Also, it would be nice to have Node War for smaller guilds.

A: Yes, it is a disadvantage to sell your equipment at a lower price, but you also need to consider the other side where it is a major point of considerations when creating a new character. As Adventurers see that the equipment is cheaper for a class, they may create more characters of that class as the entry point is lower. It may take some time, but increasing number of Adventurers means that you will have more people in Black Desert. This can in turn become the reason Black Desert becomes even more enjoyable.

Node War is a content that was made so that guilds could have a higher goal to aim for by fighting in this massive-scale war to earn a large amount of profit. A guild needs to work together, grow, and gather enough members to participate. Once they reach a certain point, they can choose to enter a node for war and check how strong they are. Then they can aim for their next goal and aim even higher. Of course, there are Tier 1 Node Wars being prepared at this point. In a recent update, we added a AP + DP limitation for Tier 1 Nodes, so if an Adventurer with 300 AP enters the war, they will have the same stats as an Adventurer with 180 AP. This makes the use of strategy, tactics, and siege weapons even more important. We will continue to improve on Node Wars to make it even more competitive and fun.


Q4: Are there plans to increase the enchantment levels to go above PEN?

A: There are currently no plans to increase the level cap on enhancement. However, we do plan on slowly adding better weapons like BlackStar Weapons into the game. We are going to add these equipment in a way where the older equipment will still maintain their value. This will be a worthwhile challenge for current and new Adventurers alike.


Q5: The information about playing the game is quite limited. It’s inconvenient that we have to search for information on our own to find answers.

A: We recently added the Adventurer’s Board where Adventurers can post useful tips and information in the game. We made it so that many Adventurers will have a place to share and post their knowledge. We will continue to improve ways to provide information to our Adventurers. Additionally, we are developing a way for veteran Adventurers to write about contents that they are well-versed in so that we can provide more practical information.


Q6: There must be more rewards for more users to participate in Conquest War and the like.

A: If your guild successfully take a territory in Conquest War, not only will you get a ton of silver from taxes but a 50% increase in drop rate for that territory. We think this is a huge benefit for winners, but we are preparing something that will make it even more attractive to Adventurers. For example, riding a giant ogre into battle, being able to control the battlefield with just siege weapons, or make strategy and tactics even more important. We would like to make Conquest War fun rather than only being about the rewards.


Q7: Please stop focusing so much in war and combat. We want to see updates that really makes the other interesting parts of the game shine.

A: We are preparing updates to the life skill contents. There will also be new contents for guild members or small parties to do together.


Q8: We would like a ranking system for each class to see who is the strongest.

A: Thank you for a great suggestion! We are looking into how to improve on our current ranking system.


Q9: Will there be a updates to skills that goes above Awakened Skills?

A: Classes will continue to develop and change. There is a lot of discussion happening within the Black Desert team about a new awakening or creating stronger skills, but nothing has been decided yet.


Q10: How many classes will you be releasing every year?

A: Black Desert currently has 17 classes released, including Lahn. As there already is a lot of classes available, it is getting harder to make something different with new classes. Everytime we create a new class, we think of how to make it better and different from the others. Additionally, we are reconsidering if we should keep to our old ways of creating new class concepts. As you may know, having more classes mean that it will take longer to make outfits. We are doing what we can by hiring more staff and improving our internal process, but there are some real limitations that is making it difficult. Instead of telling you how many classes we will be releasing every year, it would be more appropriate to answer this by saying that we will do our best to release a new class once a new concept is finalized.


Q11: Will there be new content developed for users that like playing minigames or completing quests?

A: We are constantly considering new forms of minigames and quests. If you have any suggestions, please send them to us through tickets. We will consider your wonderful ideas as we work to make Black Desert better for everyone.


Q12: It would be great to get dungeons in Black Desert. Right now, Black Desert is so optimized for solo play that we don’t feel the need to play with other people. It would be good to get some sort of a content where each of the classes plays a specific role.

A: We have considered the possibility of party play in Black Desert for a long time. Black Desert is a fun game to play on your own, but it’s even more fun to play with others. However, there are no contents in Black Desert where people can play a specific role like other RPG games. That is because you cannot separate the classes in Black Desert into a tanker, DPS, and healer role. We are still trying to come up with ways that people can enjoy party play. For example, you can find party hunting grounds like Mirumok, Navarn Steppe, Gyfin Rhasia, and more. Other than that we have the guild summon scrolls. We are creating more contents like this that fits Black Desert. If you have any suggestions on these areas, please let us know.


Q13: The classes are not balanced and that has become the deciding factor in their popularity.

A: We can constantly working on balancing the classes. If you find something lacking in the class you’re playing, please let us know. Each class has weapons, skills, and their own unique specialty. To have all of them balanced to be the same across the board is extremely difficult. Still, if it will create a better gameplay experience for our Adventures, we do everything we can.


Q14: It seems like the Central Market’s order system is bad for new Adventurers.

A : Our data from the Central Market shows that once the market is stabilized, new Adventurers can reasonably make more profit than the previous Marketplace. The reality is that the purchase of equipment by new Adventurers has increased and overall profits have gone up. If you continue to experience difficulty in this part, please send us suggestions.


Q15: Is there hope of new regions, classes, and mounts?

A : We want to have new regions, classes, and mounts, but Black Desert’s size has grown immensely. It’s become difficult to conceive of what is supposed to be maintained. Currently, we want to ensure all countries receive similar service, but we need to consider all of Black Desert’s content multiplied by the all countries we service. Additionally, we are hiring employees to ensure the development of the new content you ask for. While we continue to create new content through the hiring of staff, but the most important thing is the present stability of Black Desert.

Q16 : In the beginning, it’s difficult for new Adventurers to earn money and items are too expensive. It’s also difficult for new Adventurers to enjoy content and participate in Conquest War, etc. Do you have any plans to improve on these points? 

 A : We continue to upgrade our new/returning user rewards, while simultaneously preparing more events for new Adventurers to enjoy. For our Adventurers to be more comfortable as they adapt to the game, we have re-organized the flow early in the game, removed the weight of silver, and added the mobile browser Central Market. Still, the early adjusting phase of our users is a huge concern, and we are constantly trying to create a better environment.

Q17: I would like to be able to check my game information from a mobile web browser or app.

A : On March 27th, Southeast Asia received the mobile web browser Central Market, the 2nd after Korea. You may have tried it, but it’s the first step for user convenience, so we hope you will make use of it. We are also considering the possibility of expanding the features of the mobile app in the future with our relevant departments. We ask that you try using the web Central Market and provide us feedback.

Q18: Will there be more fun events like the Terrmian Event (Secret Quest)?

A : It was an event that took place across all countries, and left a memorable impression as well as being a new challenge. Similar events are being planned, and users will soon be able to experience more enjoyable events.

Q19: Can you create new events for users who enjoy the game in towns and users who enjoy life skills?
A : Of course, we are aware that Black Desert isn’t just combat, and that there are other ways to play. Until now, we had GM events when a new region was released. We hosted GM tours that all Adventurers could come and join without having to engage in combat. Looking forward, we will consider new and original GM events for all our Adventurers that enjoy life skills.

Q20: Why is the tax on the Central Market so high?

A: The taxes are consistent from the previous Marketplace. However, there has been a new feature that reduces taxes based on your Fame. So Adventurers will see a slight reduction to their taxes.


Q21: Are there any plans to make enhancement easier?

A: We recently added features to support enhancement. The Adventure Log provides 50 and 100 stacks, and we have added Advice of Valks to our event rewards. Also, the Devour ability allows you to convert existing equipment into stacks, and we will continue to add more features to reduce the stress from enhancing.


Q22: Why is enhancing between +14 to +15 so stressful?

A : This is a question that we sympathize with. However, we have recently been providing more Black Stones that you can use to upgrade from level 14.We also made it easier to reach 200 AP. We also added the option to use more Black Stones for a 100% enhancement chance. There are other recent updates that were related to this as well. We will listen to your opinions and apply them to the game.

We shared with you the enjoyable Black Desert user meeting.

I can still feel the excitement and passion from that day while writing this.

Once again, thank you for joining us for the Voice of Adventurers.

We’ve prepared a small present for our Adventurers in Southeast Asia.

★ Bonus

Southeast Asia Voice of Adventurers II Celebration Coupon



Expires: April 14th 23:59

Rewards: Advice of Valks (+40) x1, Item Collection Increase Scroll (60 min) x5, Book of Training - Skill (10 hours) x1, Book of Training - Combat (10 hours) x1


※ Coupons can be redeemed only one time per Family.

※ You cannot redeem the coupon or receive the reward from web storage after the expiration date.

We will continue to communicate and listen closely to the opinions of our Adventurers.


Thanks to everyone that continue to support and love Black Desert!

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Bring back mouse click on Sailing or you just better remove Sailing life skill as well. You just killed the fun in sailing in the latest patch.
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just remove sailing
1. Ship's ram nerf
2. Guild bonus nerf
3. 100m drop rate nerf
4. now we even have smh nerf!
just remove it bleh
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what was the reasoning behind removing mouse click movement on boats..
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There was no point removing mouse click movement. People can just get controllers.

Please do not also remove controller movement. If you do, SMH will do and sailing will be useless
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pls remove me from existence as well ty
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Dwarf class please
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Please change siege war day, thanks
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Umm, anyone know where to enter the VoA cupon code?
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a comp on PVP pls!
team mode,1 vs 1 ETC.
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Bring back mouse click movement for sailboat!!!!
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can you guys nerf sailing more so i can retire from this game ._.
or maybe add more way to earn silver without grind for 5++ hours .-.
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remove nerf of drop rate from pirates island please.
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please put dance emoticon and im happy even it is need to buy using pearl
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Add trade with player feature
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Character slot expansion can expanded more than 17? We might have duplicated class...just a__void travelling.
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just remove smh easy you making sailor player dead
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mobile app for central market?
how to download?
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If you find something lacking in the class you’re playing, please let us know.
Question is how to let you know?? sending tickets? doubt
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need iron web for sea fishing . And ... something like aquaman fighting screen . Aqua wworrld
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