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[GM Note] Olvia Server Added

  • 2019.04.10 10:00
  • / by Black Desert

Hello Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.

We are announcing the addition of the Olvia Server for new and returning Adventurers!

The Olvia - 1 server will be available after the maintenance on 4/10 (Wed).

This server is meant to help New/Returning Adventurers settle into the game and level up faster.

Characters level 50 and above receive +100% Combat EXP and +20% Skill EXP boost in this server.


Olvia Server Details
- Your character must be level 50 or higher to receive the 100% Combat EXP and 20% Skill EXP boost.
- The Combat and Skill EXP boost will not apply after level 58 (99%)
- You can participate in all Black Desert events. (Excluding Hot Time)
- World Bosses (Kzarka, Kutum, etc.) and Field Bosses (Bheg, Red Nose, etc.) do not appear in the Olvia server.
- You cannot participate in Conquest War, Node War, Red Battlefield, and Horse Racing.


Requirements to Enter the Olvia Server
- New Adventurers: Families with less than 30 days of activity after its creation.  
- Returning Adventurers: Families that do not have login records for the past 30 days (720 hours).
- New/Returning Adventurers can enter the server for the duration of being New/Returning Adventurers.
- New/Returning Adventurers can freely enter all of Black Desert’s servers, including Olvia.



  • Existing Adventurers can enter all of Black Desert’s servers except for the Olvia server.


We hope many of our Adventurers will take interest and make good use of the Olvia server.

Thank you.

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