GM Notes [GM Note] A Closer Look at the Translation Report System
Black Desert 2018-01-14 11:00
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Hello Adventurers!

This is GM_Olvia from Black Desert.

We wanted to let you know about the new “Translation Report System”. This feature is the first of its kind in the world of Black Desert, to better serve Adventurers in SEA region. So let’s find out more about what this feature does and how to use it!



■ What is the Translation Report System?


Black Desert is committed to providing users in SEA region the very best service possible. In our efforts to bring you new game content quickly, sometimes you may notice issues in translations that can hinder your gameplay experience.

Adventurers in SEA region have been especially helpful, sending us suggestions on how we could improve our translations. To show our appreciation for your help and improve ourselves, we’ve decided to develop a “Translation Report” feature.

The Translation Report system allows you to easily point out and fix in-game text translation errors. You don’t need to open a separate web page and don’t need to take a screenshot, so you can easily report mistakes and suggest corrections.


■ Help us make a better Black Desert Experience!

If you notice parts of the in-game translation that is incorrect, you can [SHIFT + Right Click] to bring up the “Edit Text” window. There you can suggest a correction in the orange box and click on “Report” after you’re done!


▲In Knowledge Window, [Shift + Right Click] on the wrong description to report


▲In NPC conversations [Shift + Right Click] on the speech text to report


The correction suggestions that you and other Adventurers submit can be viewed in the Translation Request window. These posts will be reviewed carefully and applied gradually. As of now, it’s only possible to submit corrections in Knowledge and NPC conversation windows, but we plan to to expand it to other parts of the game.


※ Notice for Translation Reports ※
Please make sure that it is used only to report Translation errors.
Other requests will not be looked at if you use the report system for any other function.


■ Like another user’s Translation? Click on Recommend!

Although you can suggest a correction yourself, if you see a good translation suggestion that another Adventurer has already posted, you can click on the “Recommend” button to promote that suggestion.

Your recommendations will help us determine which version would fit best when correcting a translation.

▲The ‘Recommend’ button is marked here!


We hope that this was an informative look into the new Translation Report system.

We’ll try to bring you more convenient features in the future. Please check it out!


Thank you.

Comments 4
@GM; FYI you guys forgot to change the region from MENA and turkey to SEA in the post.
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Very Nice
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job well done
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Very nice system <3
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