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Greetings, Adventurers of SEA!

This is Jae-hee Kim, the Executive Producer in charge of development for Black Desert.


As April comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our Adventurers that continue to support and show love for Black Desert.


But more than providing mere words, today I write to you in the hopes of bringing news that will excite even the most ardent Adventurers.


Below you will find the update roadmap for all Adventurers eager to see what we are making for you! We have a lot of updates in-store for our Adventurers to look forward to so let’s get into it.


End of April 2019

Set the battlefields ablaze - Doom, the new Dream Horse


The new Dream Horse - Doom - has finally emerged from the darkness.

It’s a Dream Horse that can command fire at will.

Doom is attack oriented that can use powerful attacks and burst forward at high-speed.


▲ The rising flames “Doom” has finally emerged.


Doom has unique skills that Diné and Arduanatt do not.

“Dark Flame Steps”, a powerful melee attack that damages enemies nearby with fire damage.

“Dark Sprint”, damages enemies in the area while speeding past them and allows another use of the skill "S: Instant Accel".

It also has the added bonus of being the only Dream Horse that can learn the skill “Two-Seater”.


We will be introducing the ever so charismatic Dream Horse “Doom” through a GM Note, so we hope you’ll look forward to it.


Mid-May 2019

The new territory - Drieghan

The savage Crimson Dragon - Garmoth


Dreighan is a new territory surrounded by tall mountains, and this alone is enough to give Adventurers an experience unique from the rest of the world of Black Desert.

At first glance, Dreigahn may appear primitive as there are mountains as far as the eyes can see and lots of objects made of boulders and rocks. Yet upon closer inspection, you will notice that there is a charm to this place. We hope that our Adventurers will enjoy the unique challenges that can only be found in this new territory.


▲ The extremely powerful world boss - Garmoth


The new world boss - the Crimson Dragon Garmoth - will swoop in with the Drieghan update. She will be the strongest out of all the world bosses in Black Desert. By using items from Garmoth, you will be able to upgrade your boss sub-weapons. Adventurers looking for the toughest challenges will have their work cut out for them here!


In addition to the new world boss, we plan to release a new mini game called Lakiaro. To play the mini game, you will need to interact with a Lakiaro, which can only be found by equipping the new type of hoe that is made exclusively for this content. Carefully manage your left and right buttons to successfully dig out the roots. The less you damage the roots, the greater your rewards!


The new craftable weapons called Dragon Slayer will be introduced as well. These weapons can be made in the capital of Dreigah, Duvencrune. The weapon is created using advanced technology in Duvencrune, considered to be on par with the iron ingots from Dandelion. There is a lot coming your way with the Drieghan update and you will be able to see it for yourself soon.


End of May 2019

The Spirits are Stirring in the Depths - “Sycraia Underwater Ruins”


We have prepared the Protty Cave located on Weita Island and Sycraia Underwater Ruins found under the Arsha Sea, to show our Adventurers just how diverse and expansive the world of Black Desert really is.


Protty Cave requires about 170 - 190 AP, which is a little higher than Crescent Shrine.The entrance to the cave can be found on Weita Island, while the entrance to Sycraia Underwater Ruins can only be found by diving deep into the ocean in certain areas.


Sycraia Underwater Ruins is divided into the Upper Zone and the Abyssal Zone. The Upper Zone requires about 220 - 240 AP. The Abyssal Zone requires about 280 AP and you will need to use the item “Memories of the Deep Sea” on a special device found in the ruins. This is a very high-end hunting ground so we advice Adventurers to take utmost care. This is a warning even for the best of the best!


The new summonable field boss “Sycreeth” will be released along with the update for “Underwater Ruins.” You can get the new accessory “Tungrad’s Ring” and more from this boss, so Adventurers that dreamed of getting new pieces of equipment can look forward to this as well. We hope to see our Adventurers go out and take on the new challenges and explore the immense world of Black Desert.


▲ The beautiful underwater hunting ground in the depths of the sea - Underwater Ruins

Early June 2019

Star’s End/Black Star Weapons


Yet even the wealth of content in Dreighan is not all there is to see in Black Desert! Adventurers will be able to see another new territory to explore.


The new territory `Star’s End` is a land northwest of Calpheon that the republic of Calpheon has yet to colonize. This comes on top of Dreighan and Sycraia with “Black Star weapons” which are a step above the Kzarka and Offin weapons.


▲ The new region “Star’s End” - where you can get the new “Black Star” weapons.


Other Future Updates

"Improving Life Skills" - Raising the level cap on Life Skills

Major changes are coming to Life contents.


Here are the benefits you will be getting from life skill levels.

Processing - Increase the number of materials that can be used in Mass Processing per attempt.

Gathering - Increase drop rate and number of materials obtained when gathering.


Fishing - Increase the chance of getting prize catch fish.

Alchemy - Increase the chance of making the maximum number of products and you can perform alchemy with byproducts.

We will be adding even more benefits to life skills in the future.



▲ Get more out of life skilling with higher life skill levels.


We will also add new items to help level life skills as we plan to increase the level cap on life skills. The new life skill equipment will allow you to enjoy a more streamlined and overall more fruitful experience as you level up your life skills. As your life skill levels increase,

you will be able to benefit from additional effects that come with them.


In addition, we will be balancing life skills so that ones previously more difficult to level will increase at a rate similar to the others.


We hope these new abilities and increased level caps will allow Adventurers who enjoy this side of the game to have plenty more to look forward to as well.


There will be more information available related to raising the level cap of life skills on our official website at a later date.

We hope the update roadmap answered many of the questions that our Adventurers in SEA had.

Once again, I want to humbly thank each and every Adventurer who to continue to show Black Desert their love and support. We will continue to do everything we can to provide the best content and service we can. We hope you will find a home in Black Desert for a long time to come!


Thank you.


Gift from J

PS - I have a special gift for all our Adventurers that continue to shower us with their love.

On May 30, Combat EXP +530% scrolls x53 will be available for 1 loyalty as a sign of our sincerest gratitude.

May this Gift from J be the boost you need to continue your adventures in the vast world of Black Desert.

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I'm new on the game. Yet i already love this game by seeing it on the first hand since the game launch. Looking forward for another great game experience. and if it's true, Happy Birth Day in advance
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give love more for lifeskill please. like adding seagull to juur sea, greatly increase rare fish catch, and harpoon fishing should be able to do on sailboat etc
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