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Greetings Adventurers,


We introduce you to Drieghan, the newly added territory in the May 22nd (Wed) update!

The story unfolds in Drieghan, a tall mountainous region. As the storyline of their spiritual ancestors, Sherekhan’s Legacy, becomes entangled with the storyline of the confrontation between the crimson dragon and Duvencrune, the capital city of Drieghan.

But first, let’s take a look at Drieghan.








Now, let’s learn all about Drieghan’s hunting grounds and attractions that the Adventurers of Black Desert will surely want to explore. Let’s take a look.  

◈ Content
We would like to first introduce you to five of Drieghan’s many new contents.

 1. New Gathering Minigame - Lakiaro

 2. New Combined Crystal - Hoom, Gervish, Macalod

 3. Powerful Crafted Weapon - Dragon Slayer

 4. Savage Crimson Dragon - Garmoth

 5. Fearsome Swamp Monster - Katzariak

Drieghan’s new contents will help our Adventurers truly explore Black Desert. 

1. New Gathering Minigame - Lakiaro

▲Safely gather Lakiaro roots using a specialized hoe!  


Lakiaro is an extremely rare herb that only grew in the mountainous region of ancient Drieghan. It’s said that Lakiaro was contaminated by black energy and went extinct.

However, Lakiaro can be seen once again thanks to the new arrival of ‘Drieghan’s Miracle’.
They can now be found in the tall mountains of Drieghan and in the region of Kamasylvia.
Though, you will have to explore every nook and cranny of these regions to discover this rare herb.”


Lakiaro is a new gathering content.


If you discover a Lakiaro and have the newly obtainable specialized hoes equipped, you can interact with the Lakiaro to begin the minigame.

The minigame’s goal is to find all the Lakiaro’s roots by digging up all of the surrounding dirt and rocks. But, its value will decrease if you dig too deeply, which may damage the roots that you are trying to dig up.


After uncovering the rare Lakiaro you might be able to sell it for a tremendously high price,  depending on how damaged it is.


2. New Combined Crystal - Hoom, Gervish, Macalod


▲ New Set of Crystals


Combined Magic Crystals can be fused into all sockets. If you fuse two or four combined magic crystals, then you can obtain a set effect.


Additionally, if you process one of these with three Garmoth’s Scale and one of the Combined Magic Crystals - Jin, Bon, or Won together, then you can obtain an even more powerful magic crystals.   


These new combined magic crystals can be obtained from Drieghan’s hunting grounds and main quests. Try to collect the crystals right for you!


3. Powerful Crafted Weapons - Dragon Slayer


▲ Obtain these powerful weapons through crafting.


The powerful crafted weapons - Dragon Slayer can be crafted in the capital city of Drieghan - Duvencrune.
Duvencrune possesses the techniques to craft these weapons that are equivalent and have similar destructiveness to Dandelion.   


In order to craft Dragon Slayer, you must obtain special materials from Drieghan’s hunting grounds. This material can be refined at Duvencrune’s weapon workshop to create Hesed's Crystal.
But, Hesed's Crystal isn’t the only material you need for crafting, since you also have to obtain other crafting materials through a variety of methods.

Additionally, Dragon Slayer can be crafted into your desired weapons, and it is a great weapon for new adventurers and ‘alt characters’. That’s because you can repair durability not only with memory fragments but by refining special materials as well.     


4. World Boss: Garmoth - Savage Crimson Dragon  


The crimson dragon Garmoth is a new world boss that is more powerful than the existing world bosses that appear in Black Desert.  


“Garmoth was a subordinate of the black dragon Makthanan and fought the Sherekhans in the past.

During that period, the black dragon Makthanan was killed by the last Sherekhan, Akum. While the young Garmoth was greatly injured and hid somewhere in Black Desert’s world. She recovered with the aid of her followers, and would later emerge in Drieghan to exact revenge against the Sherekhans.”   

Help the Sherekhans defeat this savage dragon and earn a variety of loot.  

- Garmoth’s Heart: Rare drop; this concentrated magical power of Garmoth can be used to make the existing boss sub-weapons stronger.  
- Garmoth’s Scale: Used for crafting new crystals.
- Garmoth’s Horn: A special item that can be used to hatch dragon eggs, and allows Adventurers to have a baby dragon as a cute companion.   


5. Field Boss: Katzariak - Fearsome Swamp Monster


The fearsome swamp monster - Katzariak - appears near Tshira Ruins.

Katzariak poisons areas that threaten any Adventurers that step in it.
During combat, take care to avoid these areas.
If you defeat Katzariak, then you can obtain the new crystals and a new yellow-grade ring as loot.     



◈ Drieghan’s New Hunting Grounds

There are 3 hunting grounds within Drieghan.
1. Tshira Ruins - the cursed land that overflows with poison and a vile stench.
2. Blood Wolf Settlement - inhabited by worshipers of Garmoth, the Crimson Dragon.
3. Sherekhan Necropolis - where the 5 brave warriors dwell.


These hunting grounds can be engaging locations for our Adventurers.

On top of that, you can obtain the materials needed to craft Dragon Slayer weapons in Drieghan’s hunting grounds. You can refine these materials to help the enhancement effects.


1. Tshira Ruins

Tshira Ruins became cursed when the heavily wounded Black Dragon, Makthanan, spilled his blood here causing it to overflow with poison.


It is a similar level of difficulty with the existing Crescent Shrine. There are many monsters here, so you can fight the monsters here alongside others. Also, you can obtain the new yellow-grade ring here.


2. Blood Wolf Settlement

The monsters in Blood Wolf Settlement are one-to-one equivalent to Basilisks. You can obtain the new blue-grade ring and new yellow-grade ring that also drops in Tshira Ruins. But be aware, if you destroy the prisons in the settlement and free many prisoners, the powerful warden monsters will emerge.       


3. Sherekhan Necropolis

Sherekhan Necropolis is a mysterious hunting ground that transform from day to night.

During the day, monsters around the level of Pila Ku Jail will appear. During the night, monsters around the level of Laytenn can be summoned. The five warriors recognized by Chenga Sherekhan will use various combos which make it feel like PvP.

Also, a yellow-grade new belt can be obtained as loot from the Sherekhan Necropolis.    


Hold On!

There is something special about the hunting grounds within Drieghan.
Occasionally, the crimson dragon Garmoth can appear in the skies of Drieghan’s hunting grounds and drop a special chest nearby. Adventurers that explore Drieghan should watch the skies.    



Of course, there are even more new and different experiences in addition to the contents introduced above.   

You can also look forward to the inclusion of the
new boss defense gear - Leebur’s Gloves.
We hope you will enjoy your adventures in Drieghan.   

Thank you.

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