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Hello, Adventurers!

We have prepared a handful of tips to help you on your adventure!


[1. Quests]

You can receive quests from NPCs or the Black Spirit. Adventurers who are just starting out on their journey should try to complete as many quests as possible. This is because Contribution and Skill points, which you can get through quests, are quite important in the later stages of the game. However, if you find the number of quests overwhelming, you can choose which types of quests you want to take, depending on your preferences.


There are 7 types of quests in Black Desert - Black Spirit quests, Main quests, Basic quests, Exploration quests, Trade quests, Production quests and Repeatable quests. When you first start Black Desert, you will mostly receive quests from the Black Spirit. You can add the type of quests that you are interested in and the NPC that you can receive them from will be marked with an icon.

▶ In the Quest Settings menu you can sort quests by preferred type, distance or acceptance time.


You can summon the Black Spirit and accept a quest anytime by pressing [/]. For NPC quests, talk to the NPC by pressing [R] in order to receive a quest. Quests which haven’t been accepted yet are marked in yellow, those in progress are marked in blue and those which are completed (and ready to collect the reward) are marked in red.



[2. Skills]

Skills are the most important thing when it comes to combat. As your level goes up, you can learn powerful new skills, and you can receive EXP points by hunting monsters and completing quests. Once you advance to a certain level, skills are activated automatically and after that you can upgrade the skills by using your skill points. Before you reach level 56 you can reset the skills you learned at any time by right-clicking on the skill icon. Make sure to find and learn the skills that suit you the most.


[3. Energy and Contribution Points]


Energy is used in various situations such as interactions with NPCs, learning a skill remotely, or checking the item price of a product in another town and more. You can also use it to greet, gain knowledge, or steal from an NPC. Additionally it is used in world chat, gathering, bargaining, hiring a worker, investing in nodes and many more. In other words, the more energy you have, the more things you can do. The best way to gain energy is to talk with all the NPCs you meet in a town and obtain the maximum amount of knowledge [H] possible from all the categories.

Also, all the characters in the same family share Energy. While you’re logged into the game, 1 Energy point is restored every 3 minutes. When you’re not logged in, 1 point is restored every hour. Energy refills even faster when you are resting in a bed (regular beds: 2 points every 3 minutes, cash item beds: 3 points every 3 minutes). As you can see, you can recover your Energy much faster when you are logged into the game.


Contribution Points:

Contributions points show your contribution level in a given region. They can be used to invest in nodes, buy a house or rent special gear from an NPC. There are a lot of ways to acquire them - completing quests, exploring new locations or by exchanging Tokens of Defense (which you can get for killing monsters) for Contribution EXP with an NPC. But remember, Contribution points are easy to spend but it takes a lot effort to get them. So use them wisely!


[4. Amity]

Amity is the value that shows how friendly an NPC is towards you. As your Amity goes up with an NPC, you can gain knowledge. Also, there are trade managers who only sell exclusive items to characters they are friendly with. So it’s definitely a good thing to keep your Amity higher. The best way to increase it is to talk to NPCs about topics that they are interested in. But, you can also increase Amity simply by greeting them. Also, when you talk with NPCs with the same Zodiac sign as you, Amity can be gained faster. On the other hand, if you get caught stealing from an NPC or selling them items which are not safe, Amity will drop.


[5. Houses]

You can check the houses available for purchase by clicking on a town in the world map. You need  Contribution points to buy one. Bigger houses, and those with more functions will be more expensive. You can sell a house and get your points back at any time. However, you can’t take back the time and money you spent when changing the function (usage) of the house.

Houses have different types of usage, you can choose it when you buy the house and change it later but it will cost you money. Possible types of usage include: residence, lodging, storage, refinery, crafting, furniture, tool workshop, etc.

Your house is the focal point of your life activities in the Black Desert world.

Houses are mostly used for production purposes, but you can also decorate them with furniture and wallpaper, play with a pet, or just spend time relaxing in them. You can even rest, read a book and do various other types of activities.

By clicking on a town in the world map, you can view purchased houses and those available for purchase. Each house has different types of usage (residence, lodging, storage, refinery, workshop etc.) assigned to them so buy the one that best suits your needs.


[6. Workers]

Black Desert is full of different life activities. Workers are there to help you with a variety of menial tasks that you may not want to do yourself.

You can hire a worker by interacting with the ‘Work Supervisor’ NPC and clicking on ‘Contract Workers’. You may hire the worker shown or click on “View Another” to see the next random worker. Contracting and viewing workers requires Contribution points.

If you want to fire your worker, go to the ‘World Map’ [M], click on the ‘Worker List’ and select the town. Choose a worker and click ‘Fire Selected’.

If you have invested in nodes, you can send your workers there, and they will be constantly gathering resources available in that location. If you own a workshop, you can store all necessary materials in storage and assign a crafting job to the worker. Each worker has a certain level of stamina which is consumed while they work. Once it drops to 0, you can restore the stamina by feeding your workers beer.


[7. Creating a Guild/Clan]

Adventurers can create guilds and clans in the game. Anyone can start one by talking to the “Guild Manager” NPC. You can choose the name and the mark (emblem) for your guild. Clans can have up to 15 people and don’t cost anything to create. There is no need to provide any silver and there is no emblem. However, it is possible to upgrade your clan to a guild. Creating a guild costs 100,000 silver coins, and 80,000 of it will be stored as guild funds.

To invite members to your guild, click “Guild Invite” in the interaction menu or you can invite them in the chat by clicking on their name and selecting “Guild Invite”. It is possible to invite members even if the recruiter (chief/commander) is in a different channel.


Conditions for joining a guild:

  1. One guild per family.

  2. After leaving a guild, you will not be able to join another one for 24 hours.


Joining a guild is complete once you sign a contract sent by the guild master. The contract includes the membership period, daily pay and cancellation fee. Contract period can be set to 1, 7, 14 or 30 days.

After joining the guild, you will be able to check Guild Info, Guild Member Info, Guild Missions, Guild Shop, Guild Wars, Guild Options etc. (Note: Depending on a member’s rank, some options may not be available). You should also remember that all purchases made in the Guild Shop will be paid for from guild funds.


[8. Tasks]

You can take up a lot of different tasks in Black Desert. First, open the ‘Task’ menu by pressing [Y]. Tasks are categorized by goal, time, event, completion, etc. You will get rewards once you achieve the requirements for each task. Remember that once you select and collect your rewards, it is not possible to change them, so choose wisely.

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