Notices [Notice] 01/20 Temporary Maintenance
Black Desert 2018-01-19 18:38

Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG Black Desert.


We will be conducting a temporary maintenance due to following reasons:

■ Reason for maintenance: To fix intermittent lag issues.


If you are logged into the game prior to the maintenance, please move your character to a safe location before you exit the game.

If you exit the game in a combat zone, your character and mount can get attacked by monsters or other Adventurers.

You will not be able to access the game during the maintenance. Please refer to the schedule below for more details.


■ Temporary Maintenance Details

- Maintenance Period : 2018/01/20 (Sat) 07:00 AM ~ 07:55 AM (GMT +8)

- Servers: All servers

- Impact: Not possible to access the game or send the items from Web Storage into the game


※ Once the maintenance starts, the connection will be lost consecutively, including users who are in the queue to join the game.

※ Please note that the maintenance duration is subject to change. If there are any changes to the maintenance duration, we will make a separate announcement.


We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work on providing you better service.

Thank you!


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