Notices [Notice] Manual Patch Download Guide
Black Desert 2018-03-07 18:11

Hello, Adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


For Adventurers who are currently having trouble installing the Black Desert client, we have prepared a patch for you to download it manually.


If you have installed the client, you are having problems downloading new patches, and you can download the patch manually.


▼ Update (2020/05/27)

772.PAP 773.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/05/21)



▼ Update (2020/05/20)

769.PAP 770.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/05/13)

764.PAP 765.PAP 766.PAP
767.PAP 768.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/04/29)



▼ Update (2020/04/22)



▼ Update (2020/04/16)



▼ Update (2020/04/14)

759.PAP 760.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/04/08)

757.PAP 758.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/04/01)

753.PAP 754.PAP 755.PAP


▼ Update (2020/03/25)

751.PAP 752.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/03/18)

748.PAP 749.PAP 750.PAP


▼ Update (2020/03/11)

745.PAP 746.PAP 747.PAP


▼ Update (2020/03/04)

743.PAP 744.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/02/26)



▼ Update (2020/02/19)

740.PAP 741.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/02/12)

737.PAP 738.PAP 739.PAP


▼ Update (2020/02/07)



▼ Update (2020/02/05)

734.PAP 735.PAP  


▼ Update (2020/01/22)

728.PAP 729.PAP 730.PAP
731.PAP 732.PAP 733.PAP


▼ Update (2020/01/15)

725.PAP 726.PAP 727.PAP


▼ Update (2020/01/08)

713.PAP 714.PAP 715.PAP
716.PAP 717.PAP 718.PAP
719.PAP 720.PAP 721.PAP
722.PAP 723.PAP 724.PAP


▼ Update (2019/12/24)

706.PAP 707.PAP 708.PAP
709.PAP 710.PAP 711.PAP


▼ Update (2019/12/17)

700.PAP 701.PAP 702.PAP
703.PAP 704.PAP 705.PAP


▼ Update (2019/12/12)



▼ Update (2019/12/11)

695.PAP 696.PAP 697.PAP


▼ Update (2019/12/05)



▼ Update (2019/12/04)

685.PAP 686.PAP 687.PAP
688.PAP 689.PAP 690.PAP
691.PAP 692.PAP 693.PAP


▼ Update (2019/11/27)

676.PAP 677.PAP 678.PAP
679.PAP 680.PAP 681.PAP
682.PAP 683.PAP 684.PAP


▼ Update (2019/11/20)

667.PAP 668.PAP 669.PAP
670.PAP 671.PAP 672.PAP
673.PAP 674.PAP 675.PAP


▼ Update (2019/11/13)

662.PAP 663.PAP 664.PAP
665.PAP 666.PAP  


▼ Update (2019/11/07)



▼ Update (2019/11/06)

656.PAP 657.PAP 658.PAP
659.PAP 660.PAP  


▼ Update (2019/10/30)

650.PAP 651.PAP 652.PAP
653.PAP 654.PAP 655.PAP


▼ Update (2019/10/25)



▼ Update (2019/10/24)

647.PAP 648.PAP


▼ Update (2019/10/23)

640.PAP 641.PAP 642.PAP
643.PAP 644.PAP 645.PAP


▼ Update (2019/10/16)

635.PAP 636.PAP 637.PAP
638.PAP 639.PAP  


▼ Update (2019/10/08)

628.PAP 629.PAP 630.PAP
631.PAP 632.PAP 633.PAP


▼ Update (2019/10/01)

625.PAP 626.PAP 627.PAP


▼ Update (2019/09/25)

617.PAP 618.PAP 619.PAP
620.PAP 621.PAP 622.PAP
623.PAP 624.PAP  


▼ Update (2019/09/10)

612.PAP 613.PAP 614.PAP
615.PAP 616.PAP  


▼ Update (2019/09/04)

608.PAP 609.PAP 610.PAP



■ How to Install Patch Manually


1. First, check “Show hidden files, folders and drives” in Folder Options and press OK.

▲ Folder Options - View - Advanced Settings - Hidden files and folders


2. Run the update.log file in the folder where Black Desert is installed.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the file to confirm the number of the latest patch you have installed.

▲ The screenshot shows that your latest patch is 26.


4. __create a new folder named “patch_temp” where Black Desert is installed.

▲ __create a new folder and name it "patch_temp".


5. From the Black Desert website, download any PAP files numbered after the 26. PAP file that you confirmed in step 3 in the "patch_temp" folder.



▲ The files are saved in the patch_temp folder.


6. Run the Black Desert Launcher.


7. If you want to delete the PAP file which you downloaded manually.


If you do not have the Black Desert client installed, please download and install the following.


[Go to Black Desert Automatic Client Download]

[Go to Black Desert Manual Client Download]


We will continue to provide you the best service possible.

Thank you.