Updates [Update] 01/25 Update details
Black Desert 2018-01-25 08:20

Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018 January 25th (Thursday).

During today’s maintenance, we made such updates as “Guild Raid, Kaia Weapon/Defense” (Patch volume approx. 868.87 MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



● All characters can now get up faster by pressing LMB or RMB after knockdown.



● Fixed the graphical glitch that occured on the arms when equipping Bern Armor or Clead Gloves.



● Fixed the issue where MP would not be consumed when using Blasting Gust skill.



● The area that can be Dyed on Sorceress’s Serendian Soldier Suit have has been changed.



● Fixed the issue where bounded Berserker was able to get up right after.

● The Storming Beast Skills’ effects has been improved.



● A graphical glitch on the lower part of Witch’s neck while wearing the Dreaming Star outfit has been fixed.



● Fixed the issue where the 3-Set Effect was applied while wearing only 2 parts of the Zereth set.



● Fixed the issue where characters were able to break through the wall of Kzarka Shrine.



● Bleeding effects are now displayed in the same direction with attack when you are attacked by following monsters:

- Mutated Obsidian Monster

- Giath

- Green Orc Skeleton Warrior

- Moghulis

- Ogre



● A Calpheon Guard wandering among the guards in formation in front of Valks has been removed.

● Changed the graphical glitch with the NPC in from of Calpheon Jeweler Bianstimi.



● New Contribution Point rental item, 'Kaia gears' have been newly added.

- Available pieces for Kaia gears are Main Weapon and Armor. Each gear costs 50 Contribution Points to rent.

- You can rent Kaia Weapon from NPC Kanovas, and Kaia Armor from NPC Dobart in Calpheon City. (Lv. 45 or over only)

- Just like the other Contribution Point rental gears, you will get the Contribution Points back when you return the gears.

● A new guild quest has been added.

- Upon completing [Boss Subjugation] quest, one of the General Missions of the guild contents, you will obtain a summon scroll for Ferrid.

● New boss Ferrid for Guild Subjugation has been added.

- You can summon the boss by using the scroll obtained from completing the above mentioned Boss Subjugation quest that you can find from the General Missions.

● You can now buy the item lot you succeeded in Bidding in the Marketplace even if a cheaper lot of the same item became available.



● Changed the appearance of the button that appears when you talk to NPC Freharau when you have the Knowledge “Freharau and Enlightenment” and you have over 301 Amity with him from that of a Gain Knowledge button to a Dialogue button.

● During the quest Harder with Platinum, the possibility of finding Platinum from Helm Tribe Mineral Wagons has been greatly increased.

● You can now gain Knowledge of the Monarch of Darkness, Belmorn by talking with Freharau from Port Epheria after completing the quest “Heading to Epheria..”



● Fixed the issue where the menu that appears after Right-clicking items in the Inventory came out of the screen.

● Descriptions about Professions (Life Skills) on the My Information window are now more detailed

● Descriptions in the Pet Exchange window have been changed to be clearer.

- Added more descriptions on how to use the group Out function on the tooltips for the Out buttons on the bottom of the Pet List.

- The Feed All Window will now close along with the Pet List window when the Pet List window is closed.

● The width of Transport Status Window in the World Map has been adjusted to be wider.

● The Save, Reset, and Depository buttons on the bottom of Interface Edit Mode window are now longer.

● The Skill Add-on Window should remain open and the Dialogue window should not return to the default after you Add-on a Skill.

● The Hotkey to switch between Walk/Run can now be customized in the Settings window.

● The “Auto-consume feed when Stamina is low” option will now be on by default when your mount is on Auto-run.

● The Event button in the ESC Menu now has the word “Hot” on it.

● Event rolling banners will now be on the bottom of ESC Menu.

● Text effects when Enhancement fails have been changed.

● Knowledge (Ecology) Effect tooltip on Knowledge Window has been added.

● The names of all discovered Nodes, Towns, and Cities should now be displayed in your World Map.

● Added tooltips to the Produce, and Palette buttons on the lower part of your Inventory.

● Description of the buff icon of Value Pack has been edited correctly.



● Marketplace Registration Queue has been set to 15 minutes.

- Items registered on Marketplace will be now shown on the Bidding window 15 mins after getting registered.



● Fixed the error that showed your Character’s Buff effects when they were supposed to be hidden (e.g. during Emergency Escape).

● Fixed the issue with increased CPU share.

● Chat filter has been improved less sensitively.


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