Events [Event] 2018 Black Desert Global Costume Design Contest
Black Desert 2018-01-31 15:12


Hello, Adventurers!

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


Ever felt that you could come up with an exciting new costume in Black Desert or wonder if you have what it takes to be a costume designer?


Here’s your chance to show off your creative talents for the Black Desert world to Adventurers everywhere! We’re very excited to announce the 2018 Black Desert Global Costume Design Contest!


Adventurers from around the world are eligible to enter the contest for a chance to win $10,000 USD! Not only will your pockets be lined with money, you’ll get the honor of having your very own design incorporated into the game!


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■ How to Participate

1. Design and create your own costume for Black Desert

2. Register your design during the event

3. Only your own self-created designs (drawings, illustrations, graphics, 3D renderings, etc) will be considered for the event

4. Your design must have a Black Desert character wearing the costume. There are no restrictions on the class/gender you choose for the design.

5. The top and bottom of the costume, as well as images of the front and back must be displayed in your design.

6. Submit a clear JPG or PNG file with a resolution of at least 300 DPI (2048 x 3508 recommended)

*Please Note: You will be able to enter the contest through a separate event page that will be posted in the near future.


■ Contest Stages

Design Submission Period

February 8 ~ March 5

Regional Finals:

Voting begins for the Top 10 Adventurers in each country

March 14 ~ March 19

World Semi-Finals:

Voting begins for the Top 10 Adventurers in the world

March 28 ~ April 2

World Grand Finals:

Voting begins for the World Grand Prize Winner

April 4 ~ April 9

World Grand Prize Winner announced


*Contest schedule is subject to change


■ Contest Awards & Prizes

Award Category


Consideration Prize

(Selected participants)

Merv’s Palette (30 Days)

1 Appearance Change Coupon

Regional Finalist

(Top 10 in each country)

Value Pack (30 Days)

Chance to participate in World Semi-Finals

World Semi-Finalist

(Adventurers who advance to Semi-Finals)

Value Pack (90 Days)

Chance to participate in World Grand Finals

World Grand Finalist

(Top 10 in the world)

$3,000 USD (or equivalent amount in Pearls)

In-game Title

Special Black Desert merchandise

World Grand Prize Winner

$10,000 USD (or equivalent amount in Pearls)

Special Title

Winning design is recreated as a costume in the game


*You cannot win prizes in more than one Award Category (i.e. World Grand Prize Winner is excluded from all other prizes)


■ Please Note

1. The designs are based on the many themes that is present in Black Desert.

2. Excessive designs that do not fit the theme of the game will be precluded from selection.

3. Design must not diverge too far from the characteristics of each class.

4. Participants will be disqualified from winning if they participate using someone else’s work other than their own. Any liability arising from legal action as a result of plagiarism will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

5. Pearl Abyss owns the copyright to all original works submitted as well as any derivative works based on them (we reserve the right to create a costume based on the design)

6. The final winning design will be retouched, internally processed and may be released in the game as a costume.

- Not all contestant designs will be processed for in-game release.

- If additional designs are to be released in the game, it will be announced through notices.

7. Adventurers will be excluded from winning the contest or receiving prizes if they are playing Black Desert on a server published outside of an eligible country / region.

8. World Semi-Final contestants must go through a verification process before being selected to participate. They will be notified about the verification process separately after selection.

More details will be posted after design submissions begin next week.

What are you waiting for? Let’s see those costumes!



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