Updates [Update] 02/01 Update details
Black Desert 2018-02-01 08:53

Hello, adventurers.

This is The MMORPG, Black Desert.


We’d like to announce the updates made to the Black Desert as of 2018 February 1st (Thursday).

During today’s maintenance, we made such updates as “Red Battlefield” (Patch volume approx. 681.49MB)


※ For the details, please refer to the contents below.



● If you are Knockdowned while equipped with one of the following items, you can now use Evasion by pressing a Directional Key (W/A/S/D)or SHIFT + Directional Key.

- Cymbals, Fishing Rod, Trumpet, Drum

● If you are Knockdowned while equipped with one of the following items, you can now use LMB or RMB to get up more quickly.

- Cymbals, Fishing Rod



● Fixed the graphical glitch that occurred occasionally when Ranger went from her Longbow to non-combat stance while moving forward, causing her Longbow to still be in her hands.

● Fixed the issue when EP was sometimes consumed twice when using Evasive Shot then Blasting Gust in quick succession.



● Tier-3 horse has been added into the wild, and they can be tamed.



● Grunil armor Set Effects have been changed from Helmet/Gloves and Armor/Shoes Set Effects to 2-Set and 3-Set Effects.

● Fixed the issue where 6 and 8-Set Effects were not properly applied when wearing following Life Clothes:

- Alchemist’s Clothes

- Craftsman’s Clothes

- Cook’s Clothes

- Farmer’s Clothes



● Grass Root Nymphs, Fire Root Nymphs, and Earth Root Nymphs have been added at a cave near Crioville.

● The following items can be obtained from Grass Root Nymphs, Fire Root Nymphs, and Earth Root Nymphs.

- Ancient Relic Crystal Shard

- Spirit's Leaf

● You can now loot Tough Tree Roots after destroying Root Nymph Rest Areas.

● You will get 100% more EXP from defeating Grass Root Nymphs, Fire Root Nymphs, and Earth Root Nymphs

● Grass Root Nymphs and Earth Root Nymphs will drop Black Stone (Armor) and Tough Tree Root.

● Fire Root Nymphs will drop Black Stone (Weapon) and Tough Tree Root.

● Fixed the issue where the stones loaded in Saunil Immobile Catapults were invisible.

● Fixed the issue where some Wandering Rogue Prisons were hovering in the air in Wandering Rogue Den.



● Luciano Pietro’s dialogue after you have over 900 Amity with him has been changed.



● The Red Battlefield has been newly added.

- You can join the Red Battlefield at any time by opening the main menu (ESC) then selecting “Red Battlefield”.

- The only requirements for joining are that you are level 50 or higher.

- Each battle requires a minimum of 2 players on each team to start.

- Position of Crimson Battlefield is placed with Red Desert force against Black Desert force and the battle will last 20 minutes. (After 20 minutes, there is a injury time)

- You can only join the battle within 10 minutes from the start.

- The battle mode is “Team Death Match” and the team with the highest accumulated points wins.

- You cannot join the battleground if you are in a party.

- If your AP and DP is below the set level, they will temporarily be increased to the minimum requirement.

- If you kill an enemy, you will earn 1/2 of the enemies’ score, if you die, you will lose 1/4 of your score.

- You will always have and earn a minimum of 1 point

● A new Battle Arena has been added.

- All players who are level 50 or above can teleport to the Battle Arena by clicking on the Battle Arena icon from the main menu (ESC).

- When escaping out of the Battle Arena, there is a 1-minute cooldown.

- There are scarecrows placed within the Battle Arena so that you can practice your skills and combos.

- There are no death penalties in the Battle Arena and can resurrect immediately.

- There are invisible walls surrounding the Battle Arena and you can’t get outside the boundaries other than to teleport back to your previous location.

- You can’t summon maids in the Battle Arena.

- You can't use the Escape fucntion in the Battle Arena.

- You can only teleport to the Battle Arena when you are at full HP.

● The cave behind the altar at Crioville is now open.

● The chances of getting Cooking Honey, High-Quality Cooking Honey or Top Quality Cooking Honey from Processing after gaining the Knowledge “Beehive” have been changed.

● House Fame System has been added.

● The quests to obtain Supporting Funds in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon, and Mediah have been removed. In addition to this, the basic Combat Fame reward has been increased by 50,000 Silver Coins.

- The tooltip for Combat Fame in the My Information window has been changed accordingly.



● A new story Quest series have been added to Crioville. You can accept it from Crioville villager with a Character that has already completed the quest “Undecided Dilemma.”

- Nightmare in Crioville

- For the Root Nymph

- Offer the Fish

- Inside the Cave

- A Fishy Offering

● New daily quests for obtaining Gathering EXP have been added.

- These Daily Quests can be shared within a player’s Family.

- There will be 5 Quests per Territory. You may only select one of these Quests per Territory, but you can do Quests from different Territories simultaneously.

- For example, you can accept one of the following Gathering Quests in Serendia, and accept another one in Mediah then do them simultaneously.


Quest NPC

Quest Title


Severo Loggia

(Loggia Farm)

[Gathering - Stone] It ain't the Same Stone

[Gathering - Tree] Insect-bearing Gem

[Gathering - Herb] Ruddy Kermes

[Gathering - Animal] Shiny Paw

[Gathering - Blood] Premium Alchemy Material


Amadeo Alejandro

(Alejandro Farm)

[Gathering - Stone] Valuable Stone

[Gathering - Tree] Forest's Gift

[Gathering - Herb] Pretty Kermes

[Gathering - Animal] Sought-after Trophy

[Gathering - Blood] Scholars' Favorite


Norma Leight

(Northern Wheat Plantation)


[Gathering - Stone] Glittering Stone

[Gathering - Tree] Time Trapped in Tree

[Gathering - Herb] Jewels of the Field

[Gathering - Animal] Fluffy Trophy

[Gathering - Blood] Essence of Life


Monta Ahto

(Ahto Farm)


[Gathering - Stone] Stone Embedded with Gems

[Gathering - Tree] Intact Insect Amber

[Gathering - Herb] Female Kermes

[Gathering - Animal] Well-polished Sole

[Gathering - Blood] Crystalized Blood


● Four new daily quests for obtaining Farming EXP has been added.

- These daily Quests are available once per day, per Family.

Quest Title

Quest NPC

Acceptance Condition (Minimum Level)

[Farming] Sweet Grapes

Roig Mills

(Western Guard Camp)

Farming Beginner 1

[Farming] High-Quality Bait

Abelin (Velia)

Farming Beginner 1

[Farming] New Weapon Needed

Adrian Loggia (Velia)

Farming Beginner 1

[Farming] Sunflower with My Heart

Izaro (Heidel City)

Farming Beginner 10



● The quest path for the Biraghi Den, a part of Black Spirit’s Main Quests, has been simplified.

● In the Quests window (O), the Recurring quests under “Calpheon City Contribution” are now in a different order.



● You can now see Set Effects on the bottom of your Equipment window.

- Mouse over the round “View Set Effect” button to see the applied Set Effect(s).

- Click the button to read more about it in detail.

● The perspective of the camera when Auto-pathing when mounted can now be set to reflect the point of view of your Character, so you can better see the world around you.

● The line above and below the alerts shown on the screen when getting an Item, Knowledge, etc. should now be correctly displayed.

● Tooltips have been added for Hide Helmet and Open Visor buttons in the Pearl Shop

● A new feature “Quick Hotkey” has been added. You can set “Quick Hotkeys” (ALT + Key combination) for frequently used features such as:

- Opening Maid Storage

- Opening Maid Marketplace

- Finding NPCs

- Checking in All Pets

- Taking Out Pet Group 3

- Taking Out Pet Group 2

- Taking Out Pet Group 1

● The word indicated with horizontality and verticality has been added to the Settings > Interface Settings > Mouse.

● Fixed the issue where the Screen Quality was not reseted when clicking Reset All button on the game Settings.

● After you upload your custom Preset in the Edit UI mode, the setting for toggling the Skill Guide should now be implemented correctly.

● The message stating ‘Durability will be reduced’ when Enhancing Accessories will not appear anymore.

● The coupon button has been added in the Pearl Shop.

- If you have any coupon, you can see the coupon by clicking the Coupon button in Pearl Shop.

● The movie button of skill combo guide has been added at the bottome of the Skill window.

● When you click on a Skill in the Learnable Skill window you should now be directed to the correct Skill.

● Fixed the issue where the Notice window from ESC Menu would sometimes appear in front the window that appears when clicking on an Event banner.



● Item lots under the “Black Stone” category in the Marketplace can now be purchased even if they are not being sold at the minimum price.

- However, in order to perform Bidding, the item must be at the minimum price.

● Fixed the issue where the camera shook violently when you were the rear passenger on a Two-seater horse. Also, the camera will now automatically zoom out so you will be able to get a better view of your surroundings.

● You can now Transport Family-bound items between Storages.



● Now the steep slope path located south of Calpheon Castle has been improved for easier climbing, and the stairs leading to the Command Post inside the Castle have been widened.

● The bridge in front of the Mediah Castle has become wider and you should now be able to go directly from that bridge onto the roof next to the castle gates inside.

● Fixed the issue where Characters would collide with their Residence doors.



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