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Black Desert 2019-12-23 15:00
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Greetings Adventurers,

In our previous #GuildStories event, we asked our Adventurers for interesting and memorable stories with their guilds! We were amazed by the amount of support we received and want to thank everyone who participated in the event. 


After a tough selection process, we picked the 5 best guild stories and interviewed the guilds that submitted them.

Today, we’re presenting the guild - TrinityOrder, check out their story and interview below!



Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

Moving past the stormy seas, an adventurer set foot onto the shore of Velia, unable to remember anything, he wandered into the town and was greeted by Alustin.

Alustin welcomed our adventurer, and told him about new discoveries that awaits should our adventurer travel across the lands helping the people while searching for lost memories. Our adventurer agreed and the town's people helped prepare his journey ahead.

Throughout the journey, lingering darkness began speaking into his conscious; initially, it helped overcome harsh battles and unexpected twists of human greed, but soon, the darkness inside began consuming our adventurer.

Chapter 2 - Companion in Arms

Fortunately our adventurer was blessed with good faith in the form of brave and trustworthy adventurers. The few that fought alongside him battled monsters to help defend villages and at times, lend a helping hand to those in need.

Traveling across the desert, they sometimes lose their sense of direction from the overwhelming heat, falling into the dark ancient ruins of aakman and hysteria and fending for their lives to make it out alive with the support of each other. And when they do, the sense of relief could hardly ever be described with words.

Past the scorching desert lies the endless ocean, where sailing on the waters requires good navigator as well as crew able to command nature's forces such as the wind at will. Battling sea monsters of epic proportions throughout the day and night and stocking up timber for ship repairs at every opportunity while rewarding themselves with remains of sea monsters served as dinner cuisines were part of the adventure on board their ship.

Chapter 3 - Forming of the Fellowship

However, it came to realization that with only a few, there’s only so much they could accomplish. And knowing that many more out there are in need of help, our adventurers decided that they would need to gather more like-minded individuals to join their cause.

And so, on May 24th, Year 2019, the brotherhood raised the guild flag bearing their emblem. Word spread amongst the people from the Capital of Calpheon, to the Woods of Grana, reaching even Valencia beyond the desert, people came to know what these adventurers have done to help the people. Trinity Order became a symbol of hope, and the beginning of a fellowship.

Chapter 4 - Days Goes By

As days goes by, many came forth volunteering to help contribute to the cause for the journey of the adventurers. They came from all walks of life, cooks who learn from the best in Heidel, potion alchemists under the tutelage of Alustin, farmers that helped provide the produces to the best armorsmith from various towns. Everyone came and contributed what they can. Even those from far such as sailors who shared news of far away lands and traders with goods to help fund the expedition helped the Order grow within a short span of time.

As days goes by, at times, they do wonder if they are the ones doing harm to mother nature. Since amassing timber would also be contributing to Deforestation, while fishing kills marine life. Mining minerals would also destroy the earth’s natural resources, and cooking pet feed made from butchering animals just to feed their beloved pets didn’t help either.

And there were of course times where they cheered upon the discovery of a treasure, as well as times when a masterpiece fails and they end up in sorrow for days. When all else fails, they are just thankful that they can ride into the sunset with their horses and embrace the beautiful scenery in this world that they lived in.

Chapter 5 - New Discoveries Awaits

As we read this chapter, know that this is only the beginning. Intelligence has just reached the Order where sightings have reported sea creatures never seen before emerging from the depths of the ocean. Following this report, Trinity Order has begun preparation on their new ships for their journey to the ocean’s horizon.

And it is as Alustin foretold, new discoveries await our adventurers.

Whatever it may be, Trinity Order will be ready.

To be continued...

Guild Homepage:


Trinity Order


  1. 1. Please tell us the origins of your guild name and briefly introduce your guild

Trinity Order actually started in 2016 in another game. And as time went by, we found Black Desert so here we are creating our story here, one step at a time.


  1. 2. Why did you apply for this event? Please tell our GM Note readers what story you used for your application~

Our members actually mentioned this contest and felt we should give it a shot. Since we have so many fun and joyful memories over the span of time we spent here, so I decided, okay why not :)

  1. 3. What are Trinity Order's advantages and special characteristics?

One member just said, we are good at AFKing LOL. Well, I think our guild is a little different. Firstly we are mostly made up of Singaporeans & Malaysian players. I think those things gives a sense of belonging for members, they feel more attached to the guild more than just in the game. We know this game is more of a PvP type. At times we get attacked by other people, but we take it easy and just let them pass by. BDO has the most positive and encouraging community. We also do PvP, however we are mature enough to avoid childish conflict.


  1. 4. What content do your guild members usually enjoy?

Deforestation from chopping trees. Killing marine life through fishing. Destroying mother earth by digging ores. Plucking every beautiful flowers we come across. Heating coal, contributing to global warming. And rolling the dice too. We are generally not what you would call environmentally friendly. LOL, we are mostly engaging in life skill content. Sailing while polluting the ocean for sure.


  1. 5. What are the requirements to join your guild? Like what kind of person that would fit right into your guild!

Singaporeans & Malaysian, New/Returning Players are welcome. No vulgarities, and with Mutual Respect. We have no gear requirements either. Just enjoying the game.


  1. 6. Are there any benefits for new guild members or benefits for membership length/amount of activity?

Apart from the usual guild salary wise, there's no Restriction on how active one is required to be. Although we hardly care about what benefits our guild has to offer, we fully support new members and any questions will be answered by the seniors. We create our own guides, YouTube and the likes. We answer everyone's questions in-game and through other means.


  1. 7. What is the most memorable thing from your guild activities?

To me, it's getting to know everyone of my members here. Creating our own picture stories in the most outrageous way possible. Having pictures of our every group activity. Having time to spend with everybody.


  1. 8. If there is a goal that TrinityOrder is trying to accomplish, what is it?

Get better mastery gear so that we can AFK better. Everyone has their goal, but most of us do Life Skill.


Life Skill, it's really LIFE skill lol. Part of our daily lives in-game. It's a wonderful aspect of the game.

It caters to everyone in the sense that there is something for everybody. We can't differentiate which is real life anymore. Life skills are fun. Never knew activities in games like this can be fun.

Total immersion.


  1. 9. Please give one last guild pitch/promotion and any final words you want to say.

We ain't the most environmental friendly guild in this land. But we are one happy family maintaining the order as we speak. Join us if you like a casual, fun family to accompany you in this world where you can forget your worries and laugh the night away.

※ The interview above was conducted through in-game chat and may have some differences from the actual contents of the chat log.



Once again, thank you to TrinityOrder for taking your time to join us for an interview. We hope our Adventurers enjoyed the interview!

If TrinityOrder seems like a guild for you, why not try reaching out and contacting them? You might find yourself a new guild and friends. :) 

Also, don’t miss out on the next 4 interviews that we have in store~

Thank you! 

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Hello Everyone,

Our sincere thanks to the GM Team for the post above and conducting of the interview.

We are blessed with this game and the wonderful support from the GM Team themselves.

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Have a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone!

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