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GM Notes [GM Note] Listening to our Adventurers’ Voice (Feat. Thailand)
Black Desert 2020-02-14 20:30
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Greetings Adventurers!  

On January 18th, the Voice of Adventurers IV : Kamasylvia’s Blessing was held in Bangkok to celebrate the 2-Year Anniversary of the Black Desert Thailand server.

The developers of Pearl Abyss came to visit and took this chance to listen to the voices of our Thai Adventurers in-person.

I bet you're curious to what sort of questions the Thai Adventurers asked and what replies the Pearl Abyss developers gave!


Read on to find out~ ♡

I want more types of Pearl Outfits, especially for Shai! Why can’t outfits for each class be updated at the same time?   

  1. To match the quality of Black Desert’s amazing graphics, a lot of time goes into creating high-quality outfits. It’s been 5 years since Black Desert’s release, and before we knew it, we reached 19 classes. As a result, releasing outfits for all the classes at one time is a real challenge; we hope you can understand our situation. Nevertheless, we are preparing a variety of new outfits and are working hard to speed up our development as well. We hope you’ll look forward to the upcoming new outfits!     


  1. Do you have any plans to add more guild quests?
  2. We’re looking into new ways for you to experience more meaningful guild quests and be able to go questing with your guild members. We’ll be doing our best to add a larger variety of quests. 


  1. Please release Succession for Trial Characters. I want to practice! 

A.. We plan to make Succession available for Trial Characters once all classes receive Succession. 


  1. What I felt while playing Black Desert was that Black Desert is a game where you can do everything by yourself. But I think an MMORPG game should be where you have fun with many other users. I feel that Black Desert could be more enjoyable and fun if there were more party content and PvE content that involves other users, such as instanced dungeons. 
  2. Black Desert’s core identity is an open-world game where your adventures can unfold. It’s true that compared to other MMORPGs, there is a lack of instanced PvE content, and we often hear from our Adventurers requesting this type of content. In response, we recently introduced the Altar of Blood, and we are continuing to explore various ways to add cooperative PvE content. We don’t have anything finalized, but we are trying to introduce cooperative content that isn’t common to other MMORPGs.  


  1. Please let me reset my accumulated guild activity level in the guild menu. For example, when I leave Guild A to join Guild B, I would like to be able to reset my accumulated guild activity level. 
  2. The guild activity level is a measure of “how involved you are in guild activities”. In the early days of Black Desert, the guild activity level was reset as soon as you left a guild. At some point, we received a lot of feedback from Adventurers who had their guild activity reset when being forced to leave a guild, so it was why the current spec was set like this. Although the guild activity level isn’t reset when you join a new guild, the daily pay for a new guild is only determined by the guild activity level in the new guild and whether or not this is a re-contract. We ask for your understanding in this case.     


  1. While the guild quests you can do depend on the guild size, I would like it if even small guilds can attempt quests for larger guilds. I don’t want a lot of “ghost members” just to be able to do quests meant for larger guilds. 
  2. We will try to find ways for even small guilds to be able to complete more difficult and rewarding quests while being fair to larger-sized guilds. We’re making preparations for guild-related content that’s more fun. From joining a guild, the guild leader’s authority, and to guild content you do with others, we're looking into providing new sources of enjoyment. Please be patient for a little bit longer.   


  1. With the higher silver earnings from life content, there’s a lack of incentive for doing Node War. It’s why Node War seems to be dying, please save Node War… Node War needs better rewards to attract more participants.   
  2. We’re currently considering several ways to make Node/Conquest War more enjoyable and fun for our Adventurers. Not just superficial things like rewards, but we’re considering things like fame/honor awards. We are striving to make Node/Conquest War into content you can really enjoy with your guild members, and not just simple war content.


  1. Please improve the guild system. Guilds just seem to be about gathering people to do Node/Conquest War. People in non-siege guilds don’t have anything to do except for boss raids. Do you have any plans to add new guild content? 
  2. We'll make sure to look into content that involves sharing a goal with other Adventurers in your guild, beyond just Siege War and defeating bosses. We’re also considering a variety of ways to make the goal of growing a guild easier and more fun than before.  


  1. Since Adventurers are reaching better and better equipment specs, the field bosses are getting forgotten. Please increase the rewards for field bosses so they won’t be forgotten.  
  2. We recognize that the partipatication rate of field bosses isn’t high, and are reconsidering the role and rewards of field bosses. We hope to present something to you as soon as possible.  


  1. Please fix the issues of falling off ships, sometimes getting stuck in the ground or a nearby object, and the fort bug in Node War.  
  2. We do our utmost to fix all kinds of bugs so our Adventurers can enjoy the game without inconveniences, however, we can’t say that every part of the game is being checked. We apologize for any inconveniences you may have experienced. Please let us know in detail how these issues occurred through the official website, and we’ll do our best to make sure these issues can be fixed as soon as possible. If you can share a video when you report bugs, that would help us greatly in identifying the issue. 


  1. Ever since the update of Life Mastery and Manos, Life content has changed a lot from before. It’s way more fun, and users that enjoy life content can earn way more silver. However, trade seems to be the only life content that hasn’t really changed. Currently, the price of trade goods sold from the NPC in Kamasylvia is 45,000 and you can only purchase 2 at Master 17. The price in Drieghan is also similar and you can only buy 2 as well. These two trade items are much lower in price than fish caught at Seagull areas with a character that is Professional level fishing. So, what’s the point of doing trading?    
  2. We are internally reviewing how to improve trade content in a way that increases enjoyment and silver-earnings. Similar to how we started to revamp bartering in the recent Great Expedition update, we are considering a variety of ways to increase the silver-earnings and enjoyment. It’s taking more time than expected as we want to make it more fun and not just simply increase silver-earnings. We will try to prepare new ways of making trade more fun through the efficient use of the existing camels, miniature elephants, wagons, and etc.  


  1. Please improve the Cooking and Alchemy system to make them better. 
  2. We recently improved Cooking/Alchemy by introducing Imperial Crafting Delivery for Cooking and new Alchemy boxes. We will continue to pay close attention and look to improve Cooking/Alchemy and other Life content. 


  1. The crops used for farming are limited. I hope you’ll add more crops. 
  2. It seems like a lot of time has passed since the newest crop has come out after Acacia. We’ll try to add crops that can fit in the world of Black Desert and become a new source of enjoyment for you. In some cases, this may be crops that don’t grow on the ground.   


  1. Please let us save Succession and Awakening skills in quick slots as a pre-set. 
  2. We recognize this and it’s currently under development, but there are many difficulties implementing this. Nevertheless, we’ll do our utmost in order to deliver good news.  


  1. It feels like Black Desert is consuming more and more of my PC’s resources. Are there any plans to adjust this? 
  2. Starting from its release, we’ve added a wide-range of optimization options to Black Desert and implemented many optimizations since the remaster. However, we’re not satisfied with that and will continue with our optimizations. 


  1. Are there any plans to add more types of fish and rare fish in the future? I want to go fishing in every nook and cranny of the Black Desert world. 
  2. While we can’t reveal update details in advance, we do plan to add more types of fish and more types of higher grade fish. Additionally, we are planning new fun fishing content as well. 


  1. Do you have any plans to add minigames? They’re quite fun.  
  2. Although we don’t have any current plans to add new mini games, if you send us suggestions on what kind of minigames would be fun, we will try to introduce more fun and interesting mini games.  


  1. It seems like there’s a problem with navigation in-game, you can get blocked by monsters or rocks when auto-navigating. Please improve auto-navigation.  
  2. We recently added quick route and smooth pathing to auto-navigation. We’re reviewing cases our Adventurers have reported as inconvenient and are constantly making improvements. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please report the exact location so we can resolve it as soon as possible.   


  1. Because of how vast the world of Black Desert is, it takes a lot of time to travel. The game would be a lot more fun if there were Town portals, or if we could teleport to World Bosses and Field Bosses when they spawn. 
  2. When Black Desert was first launched, it was given acclaim for its vast-open world filled with amazing graphics. 5 years have passed, and this world—which has grown several times larger—continues to await Adventurers to challenge it. This expansion is going to continue in the future, so we arrive at a new concern -- methods of travel. 


At the start you could only breed up to tier 4 horses, now there’s tier 8 horse with the skill S: Instant Accel and Dream Horses which have a variety of skills. In addition, we even expanded upon the Sky Balloons letting you freely travel between major cities, but we are aware this may not be enough to satisfy our Adventurers. So recently, we started looking into different ways of traveling, while keeping every possibility open, including the many methods our Adventurers have consistently suggested.     


We will continue to examine how we can add new ways of traveling, so our Adventurers can comfortably travel throughout the world of Black Desert.   


  1. Please let us skip the animation when summoning the Black Spirit. Truthfully, the animation isn’t that long, but watching it so many times is frustrating and inconvenient when you need to re-watch the animation after being hit by a monster while waiting for it. 
  2. Summoning the Black Spirit is when Adventurers can meet the Black Spirit who is their constant companion in adventures. While you may experience some inconvenience meeting your partner, please try meeting them in a safer location.  


  1. Will you release a better weapon than Dandelion in the future? 
  2. While we do plan to introduce better weapons in the future, we will be very careful in introducing new weapons in order to prevent the value of existing weapons from sharply changing.   


  1. Will there be an app to let us conveniently access Black Desert while outside? 
  2. Similar to how we revamped the market to allow you to access the market from the web, we are constantly considering a variety of different ways to access the game through mobile. 


  1. Please expand and develop the Great Expedition more. I want to travel and explore a larger world. I want to be able to travel across a more expansive Black Desert world just by ship. Do you have any plans for future updates for this? 
  2. We plan to continue updates for new regions, and we’ll be looking into letting you explore a larger world by ship. The Great Expedition was not the end, but the start of a new form of content update. Using the Great Expedition as a basis, we are going to add new forms of having fun on the sea, such as fleet combat (Placeholder: Blue Battleground), sea node war, and other ways to explore the ocean. 


  1. Do you have plans to release new regions and boss gear? 
  2. We do plan to introduce new regions and boss-tier gear.  


One of the new regions we’re preparing is O'dyllita—where you can glimpse into the Ahib that were chased out of Kamasylvia due to their frantic vendetta and the secrets behind its once arid land.  

In addition, the Turo with their rugged bodies and cow-like heads, powerful golems powered by ancient technologies, and the Ahib - consumed with the goal of conquering Kamasylvia and headed down a darker path. We’re also preparing new boss gear that’s similar to Blackstar weapons. You can see the appearance of the Blackstar defense gear below. 



We’re also making sure to prevent the disappearance of the use of existing gear even if new gear is added, such as with Giath helmet and Griffon’s helmet.  


  1. Succession only uses the main weapon. Will there be a “Succession” kind of thing for Awakening where you only use the Awakening weapon? 
  2. Succession was created for Adventurers who wanted to focus on their main weapon skills, but had to use Awakening due to the lower damage. It was a situation where they may have picked the class because of the main weapon, but were forced to play with the Awakening weapon. Many Adventurers worldwide gave us their feedback about this, and as a result, we developed Succession so you can continue with the existing playstyle of the main weapon to level-up your character. The most representative example is Ranger, where some choose the class because they liked the longbow, but have to use the dagger for Awakening. It’s why Succession was released to be something on-par with Awakening. Currently, several classes are getting their Succession, and we plan to continue to adjust the balance between Awakening and Succession.     


  1. Did you release the Guardian update to bring back users who quit? Because I think Guardian is just too similar to Berserker. Most likely those who return to play Guardian will feel bored really quickly. Just like with the Archer update, they will return for a little bit and leave again. I want new classes with their own unique characteristics, like Shai. 
  2. New classes are being made with all Adventurers playing Black Desert in mind, not just returning Adventurers. In the case of Guardian, you might view her image as similar to Berserker with their strong and dependable appearance. However, compared to Berserker with his unexpectedly nimble axe, Guardian has a weighty feel behind her actions when she wields her battle axe and shield. You can look forward to more classes that will be just as amazing and unique as Shai.   


  1. Do you have plans to improve older classes to be on-par with newer classes? 
  2. We always keep an eye on class balance, and of course, older classes are included in our balancing. However, we will always be careful in our adjustments. 


  1. Recently, we had steady Succession releases, but why haven’t some classes received Succession yet? 
  2. Currently in Korea, all classes—except for Striker, Mystic, Guardian, and Shai—have received Succession. Archer is a class that starts off with both his main and awakening weapon, while Shai has a Talent, in which she performs songs with her Sol, instead of Awakening. Both classes’ playstyle differs from other classes, so we are currently not developing Succession for either. However, we are currently hard at work developing Succession for Striker, Mystic and Guardian. We’re doing our best to release their Succession updates as soon as we can.  


  1. Do you have any plans to revive older, neglected content like guild trade quests?  
  2. We recognize there are neglected or older content that are no longer being enjoyed by Adventurers, and we’ll do our best to improve these cases. In particular for trade, we are collecting feedback in order to improve it within the year, and we’re also preparing to revamp guild trade quests.

  3. Do you have plans to add new Dream Horses?
  4. We currently do not have any finalized plans to release a new Dream Horse. Nevertheless, we are open to all ideas and suggestions, and we will be doing our utmost to deliver some good news. 


  1. I’m curious if you have any plans to release different mounts in the future. For example, being able to ride a whale in the ocean! 
  2. We are always brainstorming possible new mounts, but we currently don’t have any concrete plans yet. 


  1. Please fix the bug where ships overlap with each other. This issue makes it really hard to get on ships. 
  2. If you click the ship icon in the upper-left of your screen, you will either call your ship or be moved to it depending on how far away it is. Click the icon again to automatically board your ship. We do recognize the inconveniences caused by ships overlapping with each other. In truth, it is difficult for us to solve this issue completely, but we’ll do our utmost to improve this. 


  1. I’m wondering if you have any plans to add cooperative content.  
  2. We are constantly discussing and thinking about cooperative content that could be enjoyed by our Adventurers. It’s difficult for me to give any specifics today, but there are things we are preparing with release in mind. 


  1. I want more PvE content. 
  2. Until now, Black Desert has been updated with a variety of PvE content, such as Lakiaro, Altar of Blood, Great Expedition, and etc. We’re also preparing more fun PvE content for the future as well. 


  1. The PK system needs to be improved. New Adventurers or fearful Adventurers are too scared to play. 
  2. Black Desert is an open-world game designed to allow you go anywhere, and let’s you freely enjoy your choice in playstyle. However, the level of freedom goes up, it means other Adventurers are able to interfere in the adventures of others as you stated. But there are a variety of safeguards put in place that don’t compromise the fundamental freedoms of the game.       


First of all, there are many safe zones spread around, including towns and cities, the inability to PK characters under level 50, and the growth server Olvia has forced PvP mode turned off. In addition, we created an environment where Adventurers who recklessly PK are imposed with disadvantages that makes it difficult to harass an Adventurer. On the other hand, for adventurers who want to enjoy PK, we are continuing to develop a variety of PVP content, along with the Battle Arena, Red Battlefield, Arena of Arsha, Node War, Conquest War, and the desert itself. 


We will continue to think about ways to make your adventures more enjoyable. 


  1. Please diversify the hunting system. There’s currently only two high-level places to hunt. That’s why Adventurers who hunt alone for a long time can’t help but feel bored. PvE Adventurers also need new places. For example, hunting grounds need party hunting content, Altar of Blood needs to be made better or get more stages, because Altar of Blood is really neglected right now.  
  2. Regarding hunting grounds, we try to ensure each hunting ground has its unique characteristics while also keeping steady balance. We don’t want hunting grounds to be just valued by how much silver can be made through vendor loot, but hunting grounds should have their own kind of enjoyment, special item drops, whether experienced as a party or solo, and other such concepts. We plan to continue to improve new content, such as Altar of Blood, alongside hunting grounds. Please stay tuned!     


  1. There’s currently Red Battlefield as PvP content, but it now feels a little boring. Please update the Red Battlefield!  
  2. As announced in the previous Calpheon Ball held in Korea, we’re preparing a new battlefield in the form of Thornwood Castle. We will work hard to develop this so we can present it after the O'dyllita.  


  1. The rewards for Red Battlefield are insufficient. Also, since there’s only Red Battlefield right now, it would be nice if we can get new 1v1 PvP content. Are there any plans for this?    
  2. We created the Arena of Arsha so you can enjoy PvP content even in small numbers in addition to the Red Battlefield. Beyond this, we’re preparing to introduce new PvP content with the next territory - O'dyllita.  


  1. Are there any plans to add ship-based PvP content? 
  2. We’re making preparations in order to add ship-based ocean PvP content. (Placeholder: Blue Battleground).   


  1. I want to be able to do PvP while fighting World Bosses. Or, can you make World Boss raids more fun? 
  2. PvP is deactivated when World Bosses spawn, but we’re looking into the direction of allowing PvP between two guilds which are at war during world boss spawns. 


  1. I’m curious if there are any plans to rebalance, rebuild, or remodel classes in the future? Any plans to solve the problem of the difference in spec between new/returning Adventurers and veteran Adventurer? Plans for future updates for PvP content and Arena of Arsha? Or for season-ranking PvP content? 
  2. We currently don’t have any finalized plans to rebuild or remodel characters, and any plans for season-ranking PvP content. Right now, we’re preparing to rebalance the Succession and Awakening of the classes, and we plan to introduce this sometime soon. Additionally, we’re preparing new PvP content which will be developed after O'dyllita. 


  1. I want to be able to change the transparency of just the background for the Friend List > Message window. Currently, the transparency of the nickname also gets changed. 
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. We’ll improve the messaging window so just transparency of the background can be adjusted. 

And that wraps up the questions from our Thai Adventurers and the replies from the Pearl Abyss developers. 


We’ll do our best to create more opportunities where we can listen to our Adventurers’ voices in the future. 


Then, until next time, bye!



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Can you improve the the spawn animation of "Ancient Relic Crystal Shard" , "Pila Fe" , "Forbidden Book"? The animation is way too long :(
2020-02-27 22:09

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