Events [Winner Announcement] Introducing the Black Desert Content Creators!
Black Desert 2020-03-26 14:32


Greetings Adventurers! 


Let us introduce you to your official Black Desert Content Creators, who’ll be with you on your adventures in Black Desert!


Black Desert Content Creators

Family Name



FDC4rnage Marcus Arterris Dykrie
Poli  Inaba Arvantis    
Livestream & Video

※ Click on the Family name to view the Creator’s channel. 

▶ Black Desert Content Creator?


- An Adventurer who shares Black Desert with others and helps others by doing activities like creating Black Desert focused video content or livestreams news about the latest patch notes/events.

▶ Go to the Black Desert Content Creator Recruitment Notice


Once again, thank you everyone who applied to be a Creator, we’ll be looking forward to seeing everyone’s diverse and creative content! 


Thank you


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