GM Notes [GM Note] Make popular goods with House Production
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Hello, Adventurers!


Production is fairly simple, you collect the materials, buy a workshop, then order a worker to make the items. Through this simple process, you can produce in-demand items such as the Grunil set, fishing boats, rods, and much more. Today, we’ll show you how to start production and where you can produce useful items.



How do you produce goods?


You will need to spend Contribution Points to purchase a workshop or workbench to start production. Even if workshops have the same type, they produce different items depending on their level. So, it’s good to check what items a workshop can produce before buying it.

▲ You can search for houses by their purpose and level in the top right corner of the World Map.



Now that you have a workshop or workbench, lets get started on production.

You can’t produce items just by collecting all the materials needed. You’ll need a worker to make the items.


Select the item you want to make in the workshop, then a worker to make the item, and how many times. After you press ‘Start Work’, your worker will begin producing the item you want!

The materials in your storage will disappear once the production starts. The finished product will be in the town storage.



Which products are most popular?


● Grunil set

The Grunil set, with 2 sockets and a good set effect, can be produced at a level 5 Armor Workshop.

Materials required for Grunil set: Brass Ingots, Fine Tough Leathers, Black Stone Powder, and Black Crystals.





Noble Quarter 1-4, 2F


Altinova 5-8, Altinova 8-4


Keplan 1-5, 3F


Glish 4


● Fishing Boats, Rods, and Floats

A fishing boat and rod are essential for fishing. However, fishing boats rarely come up in the Marketplace due to a lack of supply. You can make a fishing boat at a level 2 shipyard. To make fishing rods and floats, you need a level 3 Tool Workshop.

Materials required for Fishing Boats: Usable Scantling (25), Birch Plywood (50), Bronze Ingot (25), Pine Sap (30), Black Stone Powder (30), Flax Fabric (16)



Port Epheria

Port Epheria 3-5, 2F


Altinova 7-1


● Noble Wagon

Some wagons can only be produced, not bought. The fact that it attaches to 4 horses and that it is much faster than other wagons make the Noble Wagon a very attractive choice for production. It can only be made at a level 3 Wagon Workshop.

Adventurers that train horses want this wagon because it has great performance compared to other wagons, and it can connect with 4 horses. The Noble Wagon can only be made in a level 3 Wagon Workshop.

Materials for a Noble Wagon: Wagon Horses (4), Sturdy Pine Plywood (12), Brass Ingot (12), Fine Soft Hide (15), Black Stone Powder (30)




Workshop District 1-6, 1F


Altinova 5-8


Today, we covered how production works and what items you can make. If you’re having trouble buying the item you want, why not try making it yourself through production?


See you next time!

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